How do you get these two the Mr and Ms portrait

Talk about the latest weekly events and Seasons in War Dragons!

What must I do to satisfy the requirements to obtain these two

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It’s been rumored that they’ll be rewards for a special event that’s coming up. Not much to go off tbh


I don’t think there’s been any news on them yet. We’ll see soon! The Mechanic Sawyer portrait showed up for a few weeks before they announced what it was for. Maybe we’ll hear this week.


Support doesn’t even know about these I ticketed this once but no words at all involving when
This was during week 1 I believe
You have to admit the mis looks very very stylish in the most appropriate forums language I can think of.

Every player in WD: gets Ms Neox

That one person: gets Mr Neox


Ngl about MrNox but it makes me feel like he is a Marinette with that freakishly terrifying smile

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This is what I was talking about like it doesn’t go into depth on how to get them

Someone said one of those will be part of the festive line

I swear if it’s misnox imma die on the inside
Edit: or scream into a pillow for the rest of my life

It’s just a picture not that serious

Maybe they’re for the remaining two dragon branches? (Just a wild guess)

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We will find out when everything is released

Yep picture sometimes I forget it because of my taste in art

Could also be extra rewards at the end of the season? Last season we got what 2 portraits at the end of the season for random stuff. This could be the same thing


I pray this is true no festive should have a portrait of that dragon isn’t really reliable

Axi was the best festive ever released have faith

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Wasn’t prospero a festive as well

No it was a wave 2 dragon

Well prospero still a beast I still use him but his time is nearing it’s end when I go to next tier

Well the wave 2 rider is Amelia, and she’ll have her own portrait, and I’m assuming these two will go together in a ‘related’ branch so it’s probably not wave 2 dragon. Or maybe, they’re letting us choose between two portraits in a branch, some people have asked for male and female portraits in branches! It will be a surprise! Lol