How do you manage to get enough rune dust?

I’m curious how some of the big player are managing to find enough rune dust to expert the runes that you need?

The season line is the only major source of rune dust. But it comes with 3.3M dust and the runes in the same line take 4.8M to expert the mythic alone. Add another 2M for the legendary and IDK how much for the epic if you are going to use it. Not to mention that you probably want to put a rage rune and a resist or special rune (like the new ammo and HP runes that have been cropping up lately) on a good dragon.
Bottom line is it takes >15M dust to fully equip a dragon with good runes, but claiming that dragon only got you 3.3M dust.

So where does the other >12M dust come from?

The only other possible place I can think of is Runic chests. But they are very expensive and 80% of the drops are literally nothing - a useless rune that is converted instantly into not very much dust. Looking at some photos it seems like opening 10 runic chests on average produces roughly 600-700k of dust either directly or through salvageable legendary or mythic runes. At that rate you would have to open about 180 runic chests to get enough dust make up the difference and fully equip 1 dragon.

So what are you big players doing for this? Are you claiming some additional dragon lines just to get the dust and other prizes? Or are you opening $1000 worth of Runic chests? Let me know your strategy please :slight_smile:

Don’t bother to put runes on most. They are only needed for a few dragons… remember during war you only need to use one. Also don’t forget to dust yo R crap runes.


Yeah I dust them once a month just to keep the rune vault organized. Dusted 200 crap runes yesterday and only gained 600k dust out of it. 750 for a rare, 6.5k for an epic, 50k for a legendary. And not 1 spec of dust more if it was a leveled up rune from an old dragon - same amount of dust for an expert as for a level 1. It just doesn’t add up to any significant amount. Mythics are the only ones worth anything significant when you dust them, and a player like me doesn’t have a lot of crap mythic runes.

I think it’s from the same place where people get piles of black pearls from; the past.

There used to be a lot more dust in the sigil branches, I think it was still 6m or so in autumn.


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Not sure, but I’ve always had enough dust. I don’t spend and I’m not a big player either, but since I only use runes on my best dragons and on base runes it might not need as much as most

I find myself scraping by just by being very, very picky. I choose dragon runes to prioritize over base runes and (almost) exclusively rune my divines. I don’t have that many good runes/glyphs to begin with and I always dust any useless ones I get ASAP, so overall, dust is in the back of my mind.
Then again, I did just throw 3mil into leveling Fomhar’s mythic glyph. Worth it though. I love my Fomhar to death :heart: :t_rex:

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I’ve always got lots of dust, thank you PG for those legendary ballista runes!

And here I’m hoping for Dark Flak Striker :roll_eyes:
You forgot about Ballista’s rune :joy::joy:

Rune dust is like blow.

You’re always happy to have it, and it’s always not enough.


If you’re wondering what to dust, there is a searchable tool here.

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Found this from another thread :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Love that post!


I have a dark flak striker, rare.

The wonderful power of a checking account :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

I used to but revamping my base with the new perch dynamics cost me to run out of rune dust. I still need to dust more stuff but my rune dust surplus is no more.

PG makes their money in this game by creating shortages. They used to give more than enough dust in the seasonal lines. The bigger players you are thinking of have been playing for long enough that they probably have a huge store of dust from back then. Some players had something like 100mil surplus dust. So pg nerfed it. Those players don’t care, or wont until their supply runs out. But those who joined right when they reduced the dust supply got royally screwed. We can either fly unruned dragons, which are significantly weaker or spend $ on runic chests or completing seasonal lines just for the dust.

The kink in that strategy is that in order to make money off of a shortage, the shortage needs to be resolvable by expenditure of money. Resolvable of course is a relative term, based upon how much money a person is willing to spend. In my OP I estimated that, assuming you have no dust stored up, it will take 180 runic chests roughly to fully equip a season dragon with expert runes. Each batch of 10 runic chests has a cash value of $25. That means you would have to be willing to spend 18 * 25 = $450 just for dragon runes.

That seems like diamond league only right there. Am I wrong?

because you’ll be hawking diamonds to stay competitive


I’m just gonna bring this back up. Realized there is a legendary AND Mythic Rune/glyph on a season line and just over 3 million in dust. That won’t even level those runes completely, much less do a damn thing to address the shortage of dust.

And yes, I only Rune my divines, maybe throw crap wisdom runes on lineage dragons when I need to level them quickly.

In the words of a famous redhead, “Where’s the dust” PG!?!

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