How do you move your safezone capital location? Do I have to be officer or leader?

How do you move your safezone capital location?
Do I have to be officer or leader?
Thanking in advance.

Get a castle?

We think this team had a castle before. If that makes a difference.

I’m just not sure because The entire current team is new, and the last of the old team is out thanks to PG, a :fried_egg:, and a stern warning to the last of them from new management.
Eggs anyone ?

You’ll need to have one to move it from SafeZone I guess. Also, Capital doesn’t do anything…

The team capital can’t be moved, even by Support. I had asked in the past. :confused:

Not even after getting one?

Getting one what?


We had a castle and gave it up. Then the game picked a random safe location as our capital.

Eidolon explains it better…

It automatically moves to to the highest ranked castle that you have had the longest. (If you have two level 2 lands for example, the first one you got will always be it until you get a level 3 or lose the level 2 that’s currently it)

If you don’t have any castles you can only move it by getting one. If you lose your last castle, you cannot impact where it randomly picks in the safezone to my understanding.

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If you don’t like the random location, just get everyone to congregate around a bookmark you like better. Pick a region early in the alphabet and it will show near the top of the team bookmarks list.

It’s good for the team to practice finding things in bookmarks or by coordinates and moving around anyway. (Assuming some or all are newer to atlas.)

Thanks for clarifying for our team. We will get the rest of the team over to our favorite bookmark as suggested next. Thanks again.

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