How do you rune dross?

I know most people went for krelos and it is early in the season so they don’t have dross yet but for those of you who chose to get dross how have you been rune ing it?

I’ve only put his own runes on so far. He really doesn’t need much rage so invoker hp is pretty much the only sensible option I think, but he’s not good enough to warrant taking one off of Naja, let alone Morak.

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People really underate dross in my opinion

All jokes aside I believe hp and rage is pretty beneficial because he cant cloak back to back which means he needs hp to tank a couple of shot before he can dodge again
He need rage because he need to continuously heal and dodge damage to survive which make him quite rage consuming

Nil nada

I slapped on his own runes and Arboraliths Super rejuvenate runes. (nobody has told me it doesn’t work yet).

Should work, super rejuvenate is the same spell.