How do you rune Lucian?

Hi I figured there would be a wealth of information on how to rune Lucian but using every search term combo on the forums I can think of, and after exhausting google there is nothing. So, I turn to the rune gurus and Lucian fliers to please help me decide how to set him up. Also do I want to go with a rider who has att hp or rage? Or a mix? Thanks in advance, a complete Lucian noob,

Mostly just dragon attack

Hunter attack and rage runes for me

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I went for attack. Don’t miss rage… He is doing well. Using atlas rider with extra ammo.

Why have the hp rune with so many ways to avoid damage?

  1. I had no other useful rune. 2) yeah he can blink, but he can have only 1 resist and there is cool down so sometimes he just have to take damage :thinking::wink:

I have a mythic hunter dmg rune a legendary ammo with rage, and a legendary hunter hp with rage…if the next batch of dragons has a legendary hunter I’ll steal his hunter glyph for 8% hunter att and I put for now a legendary wisdom rune on him with rage cause I hear the mythics at this tier are insane to lvl. For the rider I put Kazane with full elite gear, now just need shards to lvl it up. Thank you all for the input. I haven’t put the runes on him yet except for the wisdom and ammo cause I wanna fly him for a month and lvl him up as I learn. That way I can see what I need for my flying style. I thank you all again for your much appreciated input! :beers:

Who knows, by then I might have some better runes for him and some mythic gear from atlas. At my lvl he will be my champion for quite some time😃

Would it be worth putting a mythic hunter ammo on him or just better to save it for a seasonal mythic?

Am I the only one who reads the topic wrong?

“How do you ruin Lucian?”


there you go :slightly_smiling_face:

To the ones that have both: what’s the difference with Ronin?
I’ll get Lusian in 2 breedings

And “How do you rune Lucian?” I would say with care, looks like an angry creature

Thank you


Different play style. For me Lusian is a bit more difficult, but with time I like him more. While Ronin is dead when he can’t one shot towers with defenders. Lusian can still make nice damage and survive…