How do you sign back into account if you delete game and redownload?

my primarch is stuck in atlas and they said to delete and redownload. is the account to get intot his site the pocket id everyone keeps talking about? also how exactly do you get back to account once you delete and redownload? skip tutorial im assuming click settings then somehow from thier sign in? im coonfused. if someone could walk me thru how to get back in after redownloading. im waiting to do it till i know for sure ill get back in thanks.

You will have to use the email that you registered on your account. It should be in Setting > Account > Email (below Pocket ID i think)

If you don’t remember your email address, you may need to contact support about this.

i do its the same used to get into this site right? what i don’t understand is how to get back in once ive deleted and redownloaded. i don’t wanna delete and then not know hot to get back in. that would be the worst.

this account and the pocket id are one and the same also, correct?

yes, it’s still the same since your forum and game account are one and the same.

Once you redownload the game, go to settings and do the usual log in.

Ash will speak once you enter the game. Let her finish and don’t attack. Go straight for the setting icon. After that, tap the Account and then Log In button.

When there is a prompt, tap the “I have an account” button and use your log in details to log in and then it will ask you to type “confirm”.

Just do what it says and it will let you log in inside the game.

ok thanks a bunch bro. so listen to her. don’t attack. settings>account> look for “log in /or/ i already have an account button”(or do you click create account> then the i already have an account pops up? > then log in. sorry if im being a pain. just nervous.

yep that’s about it.

War Dragons > Ash speaks > tap setting > tap Account > tap Log in > tap “I have an account” > type in your account details > tap confirm/log in > type “confirm” > You are inside the game after restarting the game.

alright thank you a bunch

no problem

does it effect it at all if the account is connected to facebook or is it better to log out from facebook till back in to minimize possible issues?

should i log out delete and then redownload and log in. i deleted and reloaded and it loaded my account back to where i was without needing to log in.

this is so annoying my primarch is stuck in atlas and it says thiers no primarch to move and to summon one but when i try that it says no primarch to summon. its a never ending loop back and forth and my primarch icon dissapeared in atlas shortly after switching over from ingame each time. will something like this just fix itself if i wait?

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