How do you stay interested/engaged?

I’m just curious… I loved this game. Had a blast playing and levelling. It was great. Every day I would log on and have dragons to train, and therefore food to hunt. Buildings were finishing frequently so wood to gather. Lots of dragons to run multipliers on every day.

Now… The way that PG has cranked up the prices of dragons, it takes at least two months of events and egg missions to get one dragon. I hit the sapphire wall and now it’s to the point that each dragon I get has been made expert before I have managed to get another dragon to play with. It’s extremely frustrating and incredibly discouraging. I used to love the game. Could spend all day in the game training drags and working away. Now, about 18 months into the game, I am losing my drive because I can’t afford to spend the amount of money required get new drags more frequently than every two months.

So my question is, how do you stay engaged and loving the game? How do you keep yourself wanting to log in. Cuz I’m at the point where I’m just bored with the game! PG doesn’t seem to care about the communities feedback about the price of drags and how long it takes to get them; so I’m just curious on how you guys stay engaged in the game. I have a fabulous team full of great people and honestly, that’s the only thing keeping me engaged these days…



Well some switch teams to breath fresh air just to find out few weeks later that nothing has changed. They find themselves just in a new daily routine which is also repetitive.

Most stay for friends and good talks but honestly if I would not have spent (I’m a lv 334 with all dragons in game) I would have quit eventually.

I like progression in the games I play and it must be super frustrating to be in your shoes (many are).

I have a lv 180ish alt what improved my game fun bc I could pick and train only dragons that I like and the little guy is now in garnets and has tons of fun with frostbiter.

However, I know some nonspending lv 200ishs who accepted their faith (don’t chase the rabbit) and found their happiness again.


I went through the same feelings with my main account. It’s rough when u first realize how slow the progress is however what helped me was making the transitions to becoming my re of an asset to my team helping others instead of worrying about my own dragons. Sapphire dragons are more than a step of platinum and they take longer to master. I spend time working on new strategies with spell combos etc. also u have to start hoarding chests until breeding events. Make sure u do you r research so u are on the path to get the dragons in garnet tier that u will like he e.g. Frostbiter

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I play atlas and chat to friends. occasionally i burn stuff

Other than bothering teammates/allies, I spam LINE chats with forum/game info and plan on how to minimize the grind to get dragons that I’m interested in.

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