How do you stop sandbagging?

Made its own thread as @TheRealTing suggested.

But how do you effectively curb sandbagging? Obviously a lot of this has to come from PG and realistically there’s behaviors in all aspects of the game in any league, in any atlas affiliation that’s probably affected by it. People seem to say just do x, but really…how should it be done?

I think rewards are the easiest path, but there might be others. As long as it’s rewarding. People will always be drawn to it.

My suggestion which is more draconian. :point_up_2:

I feel determining an universal prize that is “rewarding” to all can be very subjective.

The last time we actually REALLY DESPERATELY wanted to get promoted to higher leagues was for Atlas access. I doubt that there will be any game-changing reward that could rival that. :thinking:

You have a problem with sandbags? Like they interfered with diamond teams progress, or they’re just being non conforming? :thinking:


@PandaWasHere but I think the question is complicated. Because there is sandbagging for atlas advantage and then sandbagging in regular game advantage.

both pose different problems, have different causes, and therefor will require different solutions.

also, how do PG know the difference?

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I believe most rather play with big accounts, (and yes i saw maxed full bases down to Platin leagues) i lower leagues cause rewards to play on high leagues are not worth the extra work.

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It’s not a diamond issue per se. Just saying as long as it’s rewarding people will. Expecting them not to when it’s the highest ROI makes no sense. Everyone seems to say just stop it…but how?

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I mean check rewards for events between S1 and D1 not a big difference imo.

What is sandbagging for atlas advantage?

Hmmmmmm :face_with_monocle:

Join a gold team with atlas to have allways 100% glory.


There’s a massive difference. Almost half an entire seasonal line difference.

You can also take lower level lands to reduce your exposure because the value difference between a 2 and 5 is almost non existent. Or at least not enough to overcome the effects of being over exposed. There’s a lot of ways tbh. Same with dropping down for easier glory.

well, better glory targets … if they sandbag to a lower apr team (which is usually a lower league). though, the sticky glory might help. too early to tell if 30 days of sticky glory will actually work.

Ohhh right.

I view that as two different problems needing two different solutions. So perhaps we should focus on one first.

which is what I said above … there are two types of sandbagging: regular game and atlas.

You can literally sand bag in wars, events and atlas. It’s literally effective in almost every facet of the game. But how do you fix it? The only thing I could thing of was you really need more skewed progression/rss. Which people will complain about tbh.

Theoretically speaking. First versus second in the game should be the toughest battle, at least from a pure performance standpoint. This is a list of the difference between the two. And then people are expecting to exert mass time, effort and rss for this as a differentiator:

100 sigils
2 ranking points
18 Shield/Sword Hammers
6 Dragon HP/Attack Boost
6 Tower HP/Attack Boost
2 Healing Pot
2 12-hour timers
1 3-hour timer
3 1-hour timer
100 egg tokens
1 mystic fragment

So you really look at that and you can probably see why people are fine with dropping down. Because if that’s all you “lose”, you can see why their apathy to want to move up wanes.

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Yes i saw that and I do agree!

I’m avoiding the atlas one because that’s a lot more complex than the regular game one. :joy::joy:

I think for regular game - mandatory league sorting :woman_shrugging: + better scaling prizes. Wars, PvPs gains you better prizes instead of league points.

There’s also sandbagging cause I DO WHAT I WANT.