How do you turn on the wood or food 24 hr boost from divine dragon prize trees?

ik they are somewhere on my account but always forget to think about them. im sure i have a bunch by now as i have never used one and can’t figure out how to turn them on. if someone could clue me in i would really appreciate it, lol.

Click on your storage hut, then the logo that has the wood/food picture (next to the “i”) Then choose the one you want to turn on.

Press the storage hut, tap the far left button, and it should pull up any that you have

ohh aliright that explaines it im upgrading it right now no wonder i couldn’t find it lol. thanks @GrodyZombie and @Sapphire i appreciate it.

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It being unavailable while upgrading is tough. It seems I am constantly upgrading my storage. During fort events I find myself speeding my storage to turn on boost and then starting the next upgrade. Gives me 24 hours of boost. Expensive but double wood for that 24 hours is nice.

sweet thanks buddy.

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