How does Atlas work?

So I went through the basic tutorial but that seemed to cover very little and I hardly understand anything. A few things I’ve heard I have questions about, like what is glory, how am I supposed to properly use a primarch, and what are the rewards for Atlas?

Ooh boy that’s a big rabbit hole. I still don’t understand it all. Have you tried asking your team or are you all new to atlas?

These links are old but might help


Atlas is very very useful to help you level up, get a rider, get good gear, etc. Also, you get a ton of 1 hour timers which is very helpful when you are a low level.

I agree that the Atlas tutorial is in the running for the worst tutorial ever created for a tablet game. The good news is if you are level 25 and just getting into it, you have about 2 years to learn it all, so don’t feel rushed :slight_smile:

More seriously, I would check out youtube to see if there are any intros there. Or ask your team. It is very detailed and there is alot of it.

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Well I’ve been thinking about switching teams because somehow I ended up in a Plat IV team at lv 37

stick with the most active team that will have you, and start learning atlas right away. A rider with average gear will about double your dragon’s power. You get 4 riders from Atlas that are practically free. I think you get the first almost immediately.

Dont worry about switching teams. Atlas is locked to the team, if you leave to a non atlas team you lose the perks they provide.
If your team has castles you will get egg tokens each day. It is worth staying for that alone.

As long as this week you have someone to hit in the PVP I would suggest staying. Talk to your officers and ask for help.

Good luck

little bit of advice. Don’t look into the workings of castles too much for now since they won’t be your first priority. I’d say start with learning how attacking and glory works. Also try to partake in the atlas events, they give great resources.

There is also the pages on my drive that I made for the in game wikis as leadership last year. Much of the atlas advice is still valid.

I admit it isn’t easily readable though. Hmm.


Went through the tutorial on my alt a few months ago and it still talked about portals. In no way does that in-game tutorial help except to show you where the atlas button is.


No point redoing the tutorial until you can produce a functional map that’s viable long term! :man_shrugging:
Yep would need a map that actually can support player growth then rework the tutorial to match an actual tactical map based on offensive play updating this now would be waste of time so yeah i expect we will see it done soon :rofl:

Not to mention being the least bit interested in new players.

There were a few vids on YouTube I used when I first got atlas. Like atlas basics , even if these vids are outdated a bit it’s still a lot of help to player who just got atlas
Just search “war dragons atlas for begginners” in YT plenty of content there that will be visually better to understand (better than Wall of text I mean)

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They show interest in two types of new player!
Yep the young aggressive spender and the fledgling whale!

It’s not a matter of supporting entry level as much as it is supporting ALL PLAY STYLES ! It’s this bs about supporting “as many play styles as possible”
is the issue!

When players start demanding equality across play styles you might actually see some player retention!

Currently logging in for the first time at this point would instantly turn me off because it’s plain to see our activity is not worth anything to pg!

They care only about our money at this point and if they want player retention to improve they will need to change that they would actually need to support more than a handful of play styles!

Because this game is not growing and it’s because we aren’t being valued our time is not worth anything here!

And every season the inflate everything but never adjust the value of our activity!
Someone give pg a shovel they are obviously digging a hole they can’t get out of.

And for what?
Massive lumps of short term revenue at the expense of the long term viability of our game!

Even fledgling whales would have a hard time enjoying this game. What would you have to spend to be competitive these days starting from level 1? $500K? $1M?

Even spending typical “whale” amounts of monthly cash would mean a new player still spending a year or more being footstool for the endgame crowd.

I saw a level around 695 in aligane last night. Very few under 500.

For me,you load it,it crashes,you reload,it crashes again.
End of tutorial.

By the time they realize it’s lack luster though they are already in the hole for a bunch of cash!

I’ve seen many young spenders just get fed up and set the game aside and move onto other games where their ego is placated more rapidly and their spending allows for instant acquisition of end game!
Catering to the spenders …only to clamp down on monetization as they approach end game and then it’s spend more or all the money they dropped was for nothing.

That’s when most throw in towel and walk away