How does DPS / Health work in relation to Attack Power?

Keen to find out what are the mechanics of DPS and Health.

If for example I have one dragon with Attack Power of 7.34 and another with Attack Power of 6.25 I’d expect the first to be a fair amount (17%) stronger.

BUT, the Damage/sec is very similar 414k vs 401k (not 17% difference) and the health is also very similar 3.8m vs 3.65m (not 17% difference). So are they really that different strengthwise?

How do they account for Attack Power from DPS + Health?

Each dragon has it’s own base dps, base hp, and base AP for each level.
IIRC, @mechengg said somewhere that it’s multiplied by percentage HP and dps (before runes)

e.g. 100% total dps and hp boost, 100 AP.
It’ll be 200% (hp) x 200% (dps) x 100AP = 400 AP

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