How does every event have some sort of error

Come on PG…

You claimed things faster than their servers could handle. Don’t tap so fast.

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I wait until it is done.

Every time.

I have never been able to claim the third one without getting a sync error.

And exiting the event after every claim is rather annoying.

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I’m with you @SavageAFforPG and @Panda. The servers were likely not tested to handle the traffic that occurs at the beginning of each event. Kind of like Atlas battles with a large quantity of primarchs in one area fighting it out.

I noticed somehow their severs find a way to work when you’re trying to buy something.


The term you are looking for is “dedicated” server.

Eager beaver. Maybe you need to change name to beaver instead… :joy:

I have the same problem - game crashes after every third item I claim. Very annoying when you have a bunch of sigils saved up.

They’re only dedicated to making sure your purchase goes through…


Exactly. Single-purpose server. PCI requirement.

(No, PCI does not apply here, it applies to the respective stores… I’m making a joke.)

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As someone who has dealt with PCI compliance, I enjoyed the joke. :rofl:

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PG are pathetic. I lost my double egg tokens one day after getting them. No reply yet from them.

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