How does exotic defence helm work?

A couldn’t find an answer on this one apologies if l looked for it incorrectly.

  1. I assume it doesn’t matter which perch I put it on and that the 2 extra SS are not perch area specific?

  2. Does it only grant 2 SS extra if I am defending or for any defender even if I’m not an active defender?

  3. If I kill a dragon and the SS resets does it reset with +2 extra SS or is it only applicable for the first dragon?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Answers as far as I know them, don’t have the gear myself yet…


Any defender gets them (7 instead of 5)

Not 100% sure on this one, I would assume only the first, since extra supershots from research also don’t get refilled, but haven’t really checked.


This is correct


Thanks @Morreion + @Hakai :slight_smile:

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Is this true with multiple defenders? I’ve seen myself only getting 6 ss even when it’s 1D

Gear level?

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I wonder if this will stack next season or if it will function like other base wide rider boosts where only 1 applies

Next season we will have another items with another buffs i think

But when next helm will return someday it will be interesting)
Imho as you said only one of them will work

We dont know. They did the same 2 offensive sword and shield this season as last season.
There’s pretty limited options for defensive gear abilities. The +2 ss is already fairly strong, they risk making it way too strong

But I guess we’ll see. I really dont have anything to go for now. Ive got a mythic set for every element so there will be very little motivation for me to participate in atlas next season. Most of my gear events are just leveling random pieces that I dont need amd already have 2 or more of just for points :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

But imho we have same stuff because pg were not ready for new items release.
Or because they throw 2 items in first and 4 items in second and want to release 4 items in the future so they just restarted gear releasing sequence in that purpose

If the helm will be available in the coming seasons, will we be able to get even more ss charges after the first +2?

Since we get 3 perches, +6 ss in total? :thinking:

I think answers in hands of pg
@PGCarlos for example :grin:

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I really doubt they will let you get multiple of these super shot boosters. Well… I hope not. That’s a very powerful thing and if they just add more of them things will get very very broken.

Or at the least if you can there will be a hard cap on super shots

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