How does my team get atlas please?

Can’t post this in atlas category🤨

You’ll want to get your team to somewhere in Sapphire, maybe Plat 1, as the most recent and non-lottery expansion was to half of Plat 1. In terms of timing, just keep your eye on #atlas for announcements.

Thanks mate.
There’s no automatic entry into atlas tho? We still just have to wait til PG decide to roll it out to more teams…?
We are plat 2 now trying to get to 1

No automatic join no and they have no plans for any rollouts any time soon so if you want it the only option is to find a team with it

Thanks all
@moderators please close

PG pay attention only about high leagues not the low level leagues , so wait more than a year to get atlas or move to high leagues .

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Would you rather get input from teams that sit at 30/50, only 4 or 5 active members and others who log in once every 2 or 3 days?

Or would you rather get feedback from people who have been around the game, know the mechanics of it, and who can give good direct concise feedback in a timely fashion?

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I get what you are saying. You wouldn’t listen to those teams but actually that’s not what a lot of non atlas teams are like.
I’m from a 50/50 team at all times. Around 30 very active, 29 active and only one low activity. Everyone logs in at least once a day. I know that because all war attacks are completed.
They can also write a constructive answer. Possibly, better than a lot of people could. It’s those people that are feeling neglected