How Does Trapping Work?

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Could we get an explanation of his mechanic? Supposedly you can only hit the primarch that is trapping you? But there are instances where you are trapped but can just hit anyone?


Trapping 101

In “theory” it does this

In “reality” it does this

in “hindsight” it doesn’t work properly…

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The logic should be in the following knowledge article. The short of it is that you should be forced to attack a primarch that is trapping you (before attacking anything else) so long as the trap happened before the player launched their attack.

The part where the enemy rusher part is definitely not consistent. Pretty sure there is an exploitable loophole

Just to confirm, you have to have more troops them the primarch you are trapping for it to work?

No…lol. You need more troops on a primarch to prevent direct castle attacks.

Weird, that’s not what support told me:

@pgEcho can you clear this up?

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Your suggestion makes no sense, because rushers were designed to counter siegers and taunters.

It’s not my suggestion, that was the answer to my ticket I had filed bc a seiger attacked a taunter AFTER I trapped it with my rusher and completed one attack on it with my destroyer.
My rusher had 27.5k troops and it had 28k something.

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In my experience trapping has never worked the same as a taunt. Which is what some people have interpreted as. I’ve never had someone forced to attack my rusher because I trapped them.

That’s why I was so surprised.

As far back as the S1 roll out in December, trapping has only worked to lockdown abilities and movement for me. I’ve never had it work as a solo taunt, not sure who messed up that code review… And I would remember if it did work, because I used my rusher against NMO two months ago when they fought several teams and didn’t get wiped out.

So trapping is like an awkward and debilitating hug in a bar brawl where if the other guy is bigger than you and/or has really long arms he can still punch your friends.



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When did trapping mechanics change?

I don’t think that’s quite how it works. Rusher logic was changed in response to player feedback here (November 2017):

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