How far can Ember go on Andyk123? πŸ‘€

Ember with only death gaze and cloak, no other spells equipped … how much damage should it be able to do? :thinking:

You obviously haven’t seen ragnar’s vid lol

No. Can you post it for me? Please … :pray:t3:

I guess he didn’t do it without spell boosts, but still 53%

But that’s Enki :eyes:

We got several players who will be graduating to Andy soon. I wanted to see what was possible with Ember without any added spells or boosts since I’ll most likely be backing them.

I’m expecting a huge drain on healing potions if I use Hauheset or anything else besides Ember. :sweat:

Enki and purple ember have the same spells though.


True :thinking:

How much damage can you do with Ember without the added stuff? :grin:

Should be around 31%

Perfect. Thank you! :+1:t3:

Can you post a vid of it? Please … :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Don’t have a purple ember

I think no-rune enki should work too…

With cloak runes purple ember should be able to do around 50%

Thanks tho Rag :kissing_heart:

Do you have a purple Ember? :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Coach. :hugs:

Can you do it without equipping any extra spells? My goal is try to duplicate the pattern a daily basis to back our higher level members. Which would amount to at least a hundred or so of these runs a month. :sweat_smile:

Maybe I’m asking for too much. What about a vid of an Enki with no added spells on Andy? :pray:t3:

Enki and purple ember have no differences… Honestly, I don’t want to use Ember in a while now lol… so burnt out on him right now haha. Without spells you can look up at Rags and C104 runs. Just remove shield …

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