How fast can your team finish the PVP island?

Im lucky enough to hit 2 times in the pvp island. Fastest our team has done is 3 mins(maybe 3 mins and some secs), and we still lost lmao. Omega coin is omega finish. :money_mouth_face:


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Before they changed the event, PvP lasted 30 seconds

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A run takes about 3 minutes tho. :thinking:

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Using mega coins you can quit the run and still get 50% of points. Get enough people online willing to compromise their points and it can certainly be done quicker

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That does raise questions, but I swear to you the old style of this PvP event allowed them to end extremely quickly (fastest I’ve seen was 32 seconds) I’m sure older players who have been in diamond a while can attest to that

That’s because the islands had like 15k HP no matter the league.

The key is always fast flying dragons. That’s why Skarr stayed with me so long. Undefended bases against a rage ruined out spell flux and a couple sacrifices meant you could take bases in 2 minutes or less.

I find Borgian is a great dragon to use for this type of event, too. Spam thunderbolt and fly fast. Quit right at 70%.

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My team just finished one under 4 minutes :grin:

We’ve been taking about 20-ish minutes every time when a few people are on.

Keep in mind that times will also vary between league’s due to HP of the islands varying

Bronze: 8,000hp
Silver: 10,000hp
Gold: 20,000hp
Platinum: 30,000hp
Sapphire: 45,000hp
Diamond: 60,000hp

:eyes:. Anyone wanna pull theirs out so we can measure it? If you don’t have any yet, you got 2 days left on the event to get your screenshots. :smirk:

That’s right, I’ve been used to Platinum and it used to go fast, 5 to 10 min. Now on sapphire it takes 20 :sunglasses:

Yet another event that should be renamed to Battle of the Mega Coins…

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Yeah ours have been between 3-4 mins were in platinum and yes you’re correct it’s all about the mega coins… unfortunately we need to resort to them to compete…

Keep in mind that it doesn’t even take that many to use the MC’s… only equates to roughly 5 players on a team in Sapphire if the MC users can target any of the top 5 players… I used one yesterday on a run against their #3 and got 9872 points… if 4 others did the same that would easily break the 45k hp needed… and if undefended, I can easily hit 70% in half a minute…

Seriously, add a timer mechanism for the first xx minutes that blocks MC’s… much like at the end of the other events’ rounds to limit such an imbalance…

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We just finished ours in 2.40 secs

How? :drooling_face:

Gonna back that with the TC screenshot? :eyes:

Maybe they were against a team with a “MsMersy,” player and everyone mega attacked that player :joy: :eyes:

Lol let me see