How has this not been fixed 😡

Can we not make it to when you are in a run that it does not use your multiplier?
It’s very irritating when doing a PVP run when purposely using 3 dragons to use more IF only to find out when you come back from the run that you used your 5x multiplier on a dragon that your still currently leveling…

Seems like it would be very simple to make it where if you are in a run when the multipliers come out that they have to hit before the run.
If your currently in a run when they come out then it doesn’t use them?
I guess you cAn just be very careful around that time but still annoying because obviously want to get as many runs in with a breeder as possible and there is a 20-30 minute window just can’t do runs or might waste the multiplier!

Just be super careful around time of day change and you’ll be right. It’s the same time everyday


This is why I do xp runs with dragons I plan on using before I start event (example: Avyx is not fully leveled but I still use him, so I do his XP runs before doing event). I don’t really see this as “broken,” just making a mistake and not realizing you haven’t done your XP runs yet…?

I know this is different from what you’re saying but I would like to see the game not auto-select a dragon with multipliers on it before one without multipliers (when you’re playing space cadet when backing someone’s run for example and aren’t paying attention).

Edit: Sorry I didn’t fully grasp your post until I read Grumpy’s. 3am Eastern Standard Time is when the multipliers reset, just as an FYI


You should see the 5x next to the dragon, so pick a different dragon or do the xp raids first.

Just use a red tier dragon to follow with IFs. It uses 40 food instead of 2000 food. :slight_smile:


That is smart…

But some of these dragons require so much Xp to get to breeding level or expert.

What I usually do is obviously Xp runs but when a PVP event is going on if there is 1-2 dragons I’m either leveling for breeding or Expert I will just take them on every run usually with IF for points and to get them some Xp everytime. It helps!

No I don’t think it’s broken either and like I said it isn’t a really big deal but I think it would be nice that if multiplier isn’t active at the time of the run then it just shouldn’t hit in the middle of a run.
Idk probably just making it a bigger then it is because wasted a 5x multiplier last night :pensive:

Anyway thanks for the input!


This only happens for ~5minutes per day right around the time of run reset. Just watch your time carefully i know i do right around that time and adjust my play/runs accordingly :slight_smile:

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99.99% of the time I’m asleep when my multiplier reset happens :laughing: (It resets at midnight for me)


Simple solution, don’t drink and fly :wink:

Just kidding, sort of. I think multipliers shouldn’t be able to be “saved” from being “wasted”. They do reset every day, at the same time. If they automatically weren’t used whenever you were using the dragon as a 2nd or 3rd, that would then force you to do twice as many runs IF you actually wanted to split the Xp. I know, highly advised NOT to split Xp, but if you only had a few minutes to play, for whatever reason, splitting Xp is better than no Xp. Just saying, how do you turn it off? Make it only for PVP events? But then you could still lose them as now you might be put in the situation of having to choose between making PVP runs or Xp runs, if you were crunched for time…

Same here…I’m not playing War Dragons at 3am…

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I am! I always get my multiplier runs done before bed (mine reset at 1am). I’m a late nighter, no doubt about it :stuck_out_tongue:

You want them to make the code more complicated because you can’t remember who you’re leveling? :joy:


I think you might have misunderstood the post?

Or…I am just not on the same page as you lol

I’m not talking about being saved from being wasted. I always use them I do not want to save them. That is not the wasted I was talking about.

I meant wasted as the multipliers hit while I’m in the middle of a PVP run and I hit a base with lower Xp, use 3 dragons with IF and now a dragon I was trying to level 20k x 5 rather than over 200k x 5 so with one run I just lost 1-2 million Xp! That’s what I meant by wasted.

All I was saying is if the multipliers have not hit before the run starts then they shouldn’t hit in the middle of a run when you have no way of knowing until it’s too late!

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You obviously misread something or again do not understand the post.

This is not very difficult stuff guys lol Wth is going on?

Has nothing to do with remembering who is being leveled.

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It has everything to do with that lol, you’re the one who’s confused.

  • you chose to do event with a dragon who hasn’t finished xp runs for the day

  • you want pg to take responsibility for your error

That’s how I think most people reading understood this

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No not at all! Lol I don’t know how you are coming up with this shit?

I was Saying I bring dragons I’m still leveling on event runs swap with them to use 3 IF so dragons I’m still leveling get Xp each run and I can use 3 IF.

I started an event run BEFORE the multipliers came out. So I use the dragon but swap out 2 more for more points and while IN THE MIDDLE of a run the multipliers came out and if your in the middle of a run you don’t know and it uses the 5x one and you lose tons of Xp…

what you are saying makes no sense!
I forgot who I was leveling?
I chose Using a dragon that’s Xp runs are not finished?
What does any of that have to do with anything I said!

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Simple mistake but costs a lot of Xp! All I was saying was it would be nice if the multipliers waited until runs finished to hit the dragons! They shouldn’t hit in the middle of a run!

Obviously being more careful & watching the clock around that time is the solution! I just figured it would make more sense if they didn’t start in the middle of a run lol

Do your XP runs first thing when you wake up. Rest of the day can be spent on event.

no need to make any in-game sort of change. This is strictly a player issue.

Ok, I misread… however the connection is clear to see how I could misunderstand. Anyway, the only solution is to be mindful of the time. Xp resets for me at 3am, so I haven’t accidentally done that in over a year


This hasn’t been fixed because it’s not broken.

If you want to be diligent in leveling Dragons pay attention and do your XP runs first, or swap out for Dragons whom you don’t care about wasting the multiplier on.

Or ya know just keep doing whatever you want and blaming code for your own mistakes

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