How have you runed Lupin?

Curious how those of you that got Lupin, have runed him. What runes and glyphs did you chose?

Lupin-verdant mythic sorcerer-all he needs is HP
Has a ton of rage gen already, is a sorc so doesn’t need ATK lol, and has no way to heal. Plus, his spells are based off of HP

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Those were my thoughts, I wondered if there may be different ones out there.

Just go for HP and you will be happy

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Definitely full HP. I didnt end up getting him because Sepulla stole the only sorcerer HP runes that I’ve got :cry:

Put as many ammo runes and glyphs​:mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm:

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Full hp rune/ glyphs ( any dragon that want the pride rune , it’s this one)
Rider with ton of hp , hugo or ano are best choices
Edit venus out as my memory succ

Venus wouldnt work well for a sorcerer, she’d only give 17% HP

Suresh is also good with 27% sorcerer HP. Anja also isnt bad at 25%


Oh yeah I forgot she only work for warrior and invoker though she give 34% for all dragon lol,

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Now wouldn’t that be nice…

These seem to be the best rider option

  • If you are a very very good hunter flyer and you can fly it perfectly add rage runes.

  • if you aren’t a player that has a good timings with dragons, fly the dragon first on some bases, see if you have rage issues, if you do have mix between rage and hp, if you have no rage issue, add hp only.

This is the sorcerer…I am a decent hunter flier but I don’t know if this pertains to Lupin?

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Try to check his spell set again, if you are a decent hunter flyer you must find it out pretty easily.

Edit : added the picture

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The sorcerer has enough rage to where it doesn’t need rage runes
HP helps because it will make the spells do more damage-and it has o true healing so it will be helpful.

If it’s flown at 100% of its capacity without any mistake, nothing should touches it (if his one shot spell does destroy of course). A good flyer won’t need that.

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That is an unrealistic expectation.
HP makes his summon deal more damage, as well as his freeze deal more damage. Of all things I’ve seen of him, rage isn’t the issue

You are thinking more in term of tanking, me I’m thinking more in term of dodging ability and how to avoid getting hit, check my perceptive and see, if you don’t get hit you don’t need hp, and yes that’s possible to not get hit, I’ll let you find out how.

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I am familiar with his spells, I like him so far.
Thank you for your help.

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