How high can the energy cost get?

It keeps going up each time I fail. What is the cap if there’s any? :tired_face:

Not sure I never failed before


I think you reached the cap at 8 but I’m going to check.


You’re welcome.

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Thank you! :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Now to troll my own thread :sunglasses:

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It’s hard not to fail as a 290 with harbs :relieved:

Edit: Yep, I’m polishing my own wood. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Edit 2: Trolling my own thread. No offense taken or intended :grin:


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Troll baby lives!!!

Waiting for free energy to attack that uber ice uber baby ice thing. :partying_face:

Got enough energy now … maybe ought to plan this raid instead of just going in without a well thought out plan. What do you suggest?

Using Cavaleris. If you equipped Regeneration Runes, fly cavaleris first.
Cast regeneration and arcane aegis alternately, destroy blue and red mage first and ice turret next at each island.
And I recommend to use spell item like freeze, death gaze, etc.
If you fly Cavaleris successfully, you can go to more than 30% destroying with no mage in middle islands.
And fly Sylphen, use death stare to ice turrets with other Sylphen’s spell.
In this way, I cleared Uber Glacias at 295.

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I’ll try that. Thank you :kissing_heart:

Think Pathox can set it up?

The freeze spell doesn’t seem to do much to the ice turrets and them suckers are surprisingly hard to kill. My poor Pathox is not happy :sleepy:

I feel sad when I die. Someone hold me :sob::sob::sob:

Edit: But not in a sexual way. Do it like a person who cares and likes me a lot but not in that way :slight_smile:


Haku did wonders actually soloed

I don’t have that bro :sob:

Not all or not lvled? U can do it with lineage to


You’ll get through, I have faith in you! :muscle:


:thinking: Is it Haku, or is it Hyaku?

I was assuming it’s Hyaku since you need very large fingers to make a typo with a and y :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not at all. All the harbs I got are shown in the pic above :point_up_2: