How is dragon attack power calculated for perches

I was curious to know if anyone had any idea how the game mechanics works when calculating the attack power of dragons on perches. I noticed that the level of my dragons seems to have no relevance.

Level 28 Drakius has 455K attack
Level 35 Chimerak has 429K attack
Perch is level 37. No riders on either dragon.

I reached out to CS and they suggested I ask here since they don’t have the exact rules and mechanics on hand and didnt know exactly why this would be the case.

Another question. Regarding Legendary Sorcerer on Perch, what is the effect, and how effective is it?

This is something I saved from a building guide I saw a while back- Mechengg’s, I believe? Hope it helps :slight_smile:

edit: I think they stack as you go up the rarity ladder

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