How is prospero?


because the grapes arent ripe and still sour :octopus:


Aw, harsh. Or you could just direct people at their post history, yknow.

I don’t get all the people wondering if Prospero’s better than Pathox, because he’s not. Sitting down and thinking about their spells for a couple minutes would immediately lead one to the conclusion that they are two dragons meant to be flown two different ways.

Also, Pathox is the season’s mythic. Logically, it should be designed as superior to a legendary, though that doesn’t mean the legendary must be shit.


Agreed, and I think that they’ve done a good job of making sure that most of the dragons for this season are actually decent and not “shit”. I don’t even think that Somnus is shit, and he’s the weakest of the bunch.

Maybe, but the statement was simply ignorant from every possible perspective. As you said, even looking at the spell kit for a couple of minutes allows one to come to the conclusion that the mythic is better than the legendary…just in case the difference between mythic and legendary was elusive up until that point.


Yeah, I really like this season’s dragons. At a glance, there seem to be a lot of white spells, but they actually seem to be sort of balanced. Designs are cool, too. Though, to be fair, just about anything > summer season.

:wink: I subscribe to the school of subtle jabs.


Prospero is a solid dragon. Great spells and fun to fly. He, like all dragons, can seem overpowered on some bases and an eggshell on others.
He flies nice in my opinion, and the white cloak is not the same as blue cloak, it is not more powerful just able to be used differently.
Parhox is also a great dragon and can be a beast, different spell set an flying ability.
Again can succeed in many bases, and fail as well.
Yes I have both, one on a smaller account up to platinum at present and on par with my current fomrahar there. Different tool set though.
Pathox on my larger account as I was saving all last season for him and I am not disappointed.
I won’t get pathox on my mini(obviously) not prospero on my main (I have enough dragons atm that cover this skill set).
The doctor


Finally got pathox up to gold and went to try the base and it’s gone inactive :disappointed_relieved: Any other recommendations for similar bases to try our skill?


I haven’t, no :cry: I was really sad when it said he was removed for inactivity; we were actually having a rizar challenge on that base when it went down, so we weren’t the only ones who were affected.


That is sad. If you come across another one you’ll have to let us know.


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