How is team activity/inactivity calculated🤔?

Hey there, recently we’ve been getting a lot of memebers in our fairly new guild(silver1) and had to start considering kicking inactive members out. Hate it but has to be done :persevere:. Anyway, I’ve noticed that some members would be present in events but it would claim they’re inactive. Same with wars. And then there are others that are ‘very active’ but never see them in chats, team mate invite attacks etc. I feel as if we need a basis of a memebers’ activity or more criteria added.

It’s really, really hard to be inactive in this current iteration of activity rating. I didn’t log into an alt for like 1-2 weeks and it still didn’t drop to inactive.

Activity is based (theoretically) on:

  • Sessions played
  • Time online
  • Attacking
  • Defending
  • Talking (excluding LC)

okay thanks :hugs: although chats and time spent online should really be discontinued. Events, wars and sessions/base should be priority

PGDave posted some insight here, so it depends on how early you’re talking about with active status, as it changed a little October last year.

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Think of it like a point pool, and every time you do something that generates activity it adds weighted points. Periodically there is a deduction. To stay active you have to keep the pool above a certain line. (More points coming in than going out)

We have been told that signing on actually credits points and you can actually be more active by opening the game every 30 minutes, than you can from staying in and running battles. (So there are some controversial bits)

But really I’ve never seen anyone say inactive without absolutely being inactive. (They made recent changes that made it even harder to be inactive unless you really are)

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