How is the glory you get from attacking “Castle X” calculated?

Getting conflicting answers so wanted to appeal to the forum.

What makes CASTLE X worth 69% but CASTLE Y worth 98%?

I was told by some that it was based on league rank, and then told by others it had to do with collective team den power or some other less obvious metric. What’s the real answer?


Ok so the den levels definitely have SOMETHING to do with it. They take them and average them and do some equation.

That equation gets APR or attack power ranking. That is the atlas power rank a team or castle has. That determines your glory % by how close your apr is to theirs.

This equation seems like something @Morreion may know. Maybe not? Not sure :joy:

  1. Team Power rating difference
    Your Team’s Power rating is factored into the amount of Glory earned from an attack. If your team’s Team Power rating is much higher than the opponent’s, then you will earn less Glory for such an attack. Your team’s Team Power is determined by the sum total of each member’s highest-level dragon attack power divided by 1,000:

Team Power = sumForAllMembers (highestDragonBaseAttackPower) / 1000

"Sticky" Team Rank is also in effect. Your Team Power is based on the highest ranked team you were on for the past 14 days . This prevents temporary team hopping in order to create an artificially lower Team Power rating.

**** Team Power is not factored into for Glory scaling in No Man’s Lands.***

Fighting In Enemy Territory

If you’re attacking on an enemy’s castle, the team power rating of the player whose Primarch you are attacking will be used for Glory scaling unless it is less than the team power rating of the team that owns the castle, in which case the team power rating of the team that owns the castle will be used.



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