How is the level of complaining on the forum? (poll)

  • Too much
  • Just right
  • Not enough
  • I am not bound by simple options (Comment below)

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“They gave me free stuff in an event that challenges me, that I can choose to participate in, but I can’t get everything and it’s just not fair.”

Holy. Entitlement. Batman.


My vote breaks down to basically this:

The level of complaints fluctuate between too much and “acceptable levels” (in my own personal opinion that is) depending on what’s currently happening with the game. A simple “too much”, “not enough”, or “just right” is a bit too Goldilocks and binary for my tastes :sweat_smile:

We live in a world with lots of shades of grey and very little black and white.

Edit: But yeah. To echo @Bonfires, there’s been too much complaints about the Assault. This is why we don’t get nice things :sob:


I second this :stuck_out_tongue:

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I feel like this poll is a little complainy. :slight_smile:


Liz you basically complained about a post asking about how much complaining is done on the forums lol.



Maybe. But not a lot :joy::joy::joy: Just the right amount :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



:thinking: Depends on the context I guess. On some topics, it’s the right amount. On the others, it’s too much.

Specific too Assault, yes (said by a mediocre player who didn’t even get all prizes up to divine level limit)


I wou lmd like to complain, about the level of complaints about complaining about complaints

The person in charge has s o me serious com p laints against them

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It’s over 9000!!!

In all seriousness, certain members complain 27 times more than most on things :

  • That are too strong
  • That are too weak
  • They can’t get
  • They think they are entitled to
  • Which won’t get fixed
  • PG has gotten rid of
  • PG won’t implement (everrr~)
  • That are very low priority
  • That are “fixed” while not broken
  • Imaginary : conspiracies against them/their team/alliance/sheep.
  • They could do so much better than the devs
  • About support
  • Just because they feel like complaining!

And so, so many more reasons for complaining that I missed… I think my list is a good starting point though… :pensive:


That’s pretty much what this forum is for though, wouldn’t you say? A safety valve for excessively emotive players who can self identify to PG and spew venom in a relatively controlled space. I like coming here and reading because there’s also tons of great information that has helped me a lot. But the complainers are…fun and interesting to read. Especially as the mods keep them under control, mostly :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


probably a constructive reason to come, read, post things here <-- wish there was more of this


:pleading_face: It’s why I’ve been haunting these forums since the first day they’ve opened.

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Seriously? Only 4 options including one where I can express my own opinion. This poll is totally geared towards players who have been playing the game longer and puts smaller players at a disadvantage.

As long as this poll doesn’t replace a previous poll that I was happy to complete and I get the same amount of opportunities to answer the questions then I’ll be fine.


In all seriousness (yes my previous post wasn’t serious), if PG communicated better then a lot of the complaints wouldn’t need to be made.

The issue arises when people question things and get snarky responses or perceived putdowns from other members of the community. These responses don’t help at all and only serve to escalate/inflame the issues.

I appreciate PG can’t have someone on the forum all the time so maybe they could have a serious think about their communication prior to releasing new features.

In my opinion, it’s very easy to see where the flashpoints are going to be so they should try to pre-empt these and address them in their communications before changes take place.

Also, constructive criticism isn’t a complaint.

Well… when posts/posters are…
Willfully ignorant
Making false accusations
Making false assumptions
Argumentative towards many members of the community who in fact do know more and are trying to share knowledge with them
(Ie: seeing some random that you’ve never even heard of arguing with MULTIPLE GPF members who literally helped design/test the mechanics of things…seriously?)

Snarky responses are indeed forthcoming and will remain so.

It’s ok to not know something. It’s not ok to not know something and argue with people who do in fact know the answers. If you have additional questions ask.


Perfect timing.

In the example above, I make a point about why arguments escalate and MBN jumps in to argue my point. The point didn’t need arguing against, it was my opinion based on what I’ve seen on the forums.

Just because you know that these people have the answers doesn’t mean that everyone will. I’d be inclined to think that EVERYTHING is an opinion unless it comes from a PG employee.


I’m not arguing. There’s nothing to argue :slight_smile:

Then there’s no need for anyone to post anything except

player: question
PG: answer

the end


That would be the ideal situation. I imagine they may need to hire more people.

The forums are, IMHO, here for people to express their thoughts and opinions, their frustrations and their positive views of the game (and to play the word change game).

Opinions will be vastly different on events and changes depending on what game level you are but people go into every argument with the assumption that everyone has the same circumstance as them. This happens on both sides.

Case in point, I only got Hau at the very end of this weekend. I had issues getting through the tier on which Hau sits and what I’m reading (I may be wrong) is that this tier cannot be done without Hau? Rather than “git gud” it would have been helpful (if true) for someone to say, “You know what pal, you’re not getting this tier because you don’t have this dragon”.

Would it be worth having our game level next to our name on the forum? Would this help with the responses people give?