How is the Suggestions Category Handled?

Initially, I was going to ask this privately, but I wanted to generate a small discussion, especially if there may be any closure that a GPF member can provide (within the bounds of their NDA). I also feel that this would be better publicized for the rest of the community to glean from and judge accordingly.

While it is plausible to state that a vast majority of suggestions made on the forums are either meritless or detrimental to the game, it seems that most of them fall on deaf ears when it boils down to selecting some for implementation. As far as I can remember, the suggestions category on the forums has scarcely ever garnered any traction from any actual PG representative in years. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they haven’t been read, but the lack of response (which is a popular community gripe) doesn’t really open any other doors, either. There have been some very good, well-founded, and well-received proposals (among much of the contrary) advanced there that have since been left in limbo. The most interaction from a PG representative that I have been able to detect in that category has been recently from PGMatt, whom is also a fellow player and tends to be pretty open with the community about his experience. The big question is: are these suggestions being acknowledged by anyone, or are they just being thrown into oblivion? How many player-proposed changes and additions actually make it into the game that we aren’t enlightened on?


A: Players write, Pg 90% ignores lol

But, joking aside, I think the difference between PG acknowledging a point and actually making change (or maybe having/ not having the resources to make change) applies here,

Think I also wouldn’t be wrong to say revenue dictates the direction pg takes just like any other company so most player suggestions that might lessen their revenue aren’t implemented. And my guess is any other player suggestion that doesn’t interfere with revenue is put on the list of to dos depending on the already existing list and how hard it is to implement :woman_shrugging:t2:


A long time ago the top 5 each month were picked and worked on. Some were discarded like the economy ones.

But lot’s were implemented. Would be great it they bought the initiative back as we all got to see measurable improvements.

These days it does feel like deaf ears although stuff is being built just smaller and slower scale.

On the plus side at least we have PGMat. At least we have a PG rep that understands the game. He has been very proactive at adding enhancements.


You need to elaborate more onto this . If your question is if gpf’s does present community’s suggestions to PG , the answer is yes ( No NDA breaching here ) . What gpf cant disclose are results of these convos happening or whatever they end up doing with PG .

If your question is related to the Category in the forums I don’t see how that’s related to GPF

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This was what it was.

Since that was all that was needed, @moderators, you can close this thread now, please. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I guess this was clear , gpf have been admitting that publicly for ages and is basically “their job” .

However the quality of suggestions is another topic :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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The caveat is that while he does the coding, he’s not on the Design team which is the one that actually calls the shots for what we get to see implemented in game.

For sure - a few weeks back he did a hackathon to see if gear could be expedited and that got implemented. That was a great addition for me personally.

He was pretty good on the prim lock sequencing issues as well.

I just don’t hear much from the others. New tower is out in 2 weeks and I havent heard anything about it.

To be fair atlas comms have been good its mostly main game where I feel like the comms have dropped off.

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