How is this possible?

How does a lvl 102 get a level 37 farm? Is this even possible?

If they have done their platinum breeding eggs for builder hut (12 required), it is very possible. You could actually get level 39 farms as early as level 81.

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Good info. Did not think it was possible.

How would you get 12 plat eggs by 81 if you have to be level 90 to incubate a plat egg?


By using gold dragons to breed a platinum egg you already have. For example using Cons and Ferrox to get Mune over and over again. Not the most efficient way but possible.

It only looks funny because most people over level their bases. I laugh when I see a level 200 with level 29 farms… :joy:

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As an example, this breed will get you 14 platinum eggs @ L102

Snapshot from

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Truthfully I think you need to hit level 84 to make plat eggs with gold legendaries and have them breedable, but it is definitely possible to have your mills upgraded by 102.
I had a former teammate who was 108 and had 2 sapphire legendaries.

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If it’s 81, then it’s cheating…
AFAIK, you need to be at lv 84 to have plat eggs (although getting 12 eggs at that points is wasting an extreme amount of egg tokens)

:+1: You gotta be really passionate about your farms to do this this early :joy: I’m level 97 and I’ve got a lvl22 Builder’s Hut. I won’t be capped by my hut until 118 for my flak and 124 for my mages (according to dragon-manager). Storage, though, is another story :t_rex:

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The level 81 was based off the base level needed to build based purely off the amoeba info. This didn’t take into account breeding requirements, which is why I added an update after mechengg posted the breeding info. I was also thinking about that same point at dinner tonight and was going to post an update.

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It is nothing cuz I saw level 133 with all mythic sapphire trained to level 17.
They must have stall leveling base up and do only breeding for a long long time

I understand some players want to have the best and most powerful dragons at the minimum base level they can manage - if that’s how they want to play so be it.

But, the trade off for that is:

  • slower base progression and therefore lower XP
  • lower XP and therefore more grinding to level the dragons
  • more grinding to level the dragons and therefore less time to actually fly them in proper combat

For me, I like a more balanced approach. I level my base and do my breeding at similar pace. By that I mean that I breed to uncap my dragons, then I build to my tower cap (only my 5 kill towers get levelled), then I continue breeding to continue uncapping my dragons - so on and so forth. My divines are always capped, and my main lineage dragons are always capped also.

This makes the game more fun and more consistent progress can be seen. The XP boost from levelling makes it so much easier to level your dragons so you actually get more powerful dragons faster.


Screenshot his Builder, incubator, Breeding Castle, and Storage and you can judge his cheating or fair :wink: :+1:t3:

No, 84 just evolving Gold tier… and to breeding Platinum Egg to Need upgrade Incubator and Breeding Castle at lvl 90

I agree with Grumpy…

@WillowInMoon : You don’t need lv7 Incubator and Breeding Castle to get the extra eggs.
You need them to hatch the Plat eggs (and breed them).

I see, but to Breed Legend Platinum and Rare Fraghment you need upgrade Castle lvl 7 and Incubators too…

If you have a concern about a player report it to support but I bet you are wrong.

You don’t need the incubator to breed, just the correct castle level. You can click on the egg in the breeding castle, from the parents, to add mystic fragments to it.

Lol i dont mean Mythic Fraghments, that is off-topic… i mean Fraghment for upgrade builder or research :wink: