How long does it take for a newly built or recently moved tower to show up in its new location?

Ive asked this question several times in “help” under settings, but I keep getting unhelpful troubleshooting tips. I keep getting told to put all my towers in storage, uninstall and reinstall the game, and then put them all back out. Or I just get ignored and my ticjet gets closed out, which is really frustrating.

I don’t need troubleshooting advice!! I just have a question about refresh rates. If I move a tower, either from out of storage or from another location on my base, how long does it take for the servers to refresh my base so that the change is reflected in real time? Sometimes when I look at a bookmarked base, the towers that are shown on that map are different from what I actually encounter. Sometimes I’ll have a teammate look at my base and it’s didferent from what is actually there. And sometimes I’ll defend my base and a tower that I’ve recently moved isn’t in its new location.
Do these things update once a day? Once an hour? After 10 minutes? One helpdesk employee told me that it “should” be immediate. But it’s not. What are the refresh rates for tower placements?? And are the refresh rates different for real time attacks than what is shown on the attack map screen?

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I’m afraid that PG misses some check which should refresh the tower.
Rather than time, it’s the trigger.
Storing towers is used to trigger the refresh.

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Sometimes it’s fairly quick. Other times you have to force the servers to accept the update to your base layout, which can be forced by storing towers and redeploying them. (Sometime changing your character portrait can also force the server to update.)


Yea I just always store a shitty tower and put it back up whenever I make changes.

Force stop the game and close it… then open it again.

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I think it’s useful to a certain degree…
Imagine non elite upgrades a tower during fort, and it has not refreshed… The old tower will still be there, while it’s actually upgraded

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Yallwere more helpful in two hours than PG was in four weeks!! I first asked them this question when team quest chests launched, and I re-ask evry time they close my ticket (I’ve sent them FOUR about this!).

Thanks y’all so much!!


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