How long does it take for a ticket to be answered?

I made a ticket asking for help on the 7th of March and still no answer…I made a 2nd one with exactly the same content on the 9th and again no answer…I made a 3rd one today.when should I expect any of them to be answered?ticket numbers are:1054913,1059046 and 1062589

No specific time. When a global problem occurs usually ull be lucky enough to get a response within the day, not unless ur the first complainant of the day otherwise, no specific time

Support was overwhelmed with tickets. Spamming them with tickets is going to make it worse. Its frustrating but patience is your best bet.


You made new tickets, so you pushed back your answer

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he didnt pushed them back if he opened new tickets. pushing back would be if he answers one and the same ticket over and over

But that does mean the support now has more tickets to deal with in a time when they are flooded. People are going to have to wait for someone to check all three before they get to the people after.

Honestly just give them time. You have seen the issues. They WILL get back to you. Just do NOT updates the tickets as it will push you to the back of the line w

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but still there is a open ticket from March 7th. but i agree with u. they have lots of tickets to handle anyways with the start of the spring season beeing messed up a bit

Not sure how the “pushing back” thing works exactly. Yesterday I submitted a ticket and didn’t hear back all day, but the issue resolved itself (I thought I was missing something but my math was bad) so I replied on the same ticket “nevermind sorry about that I’m just bad at math I’m not missing anything” and they responded almost immediately to that part of it lol. Just throwing this out there for whatever it is/isn’t worth.

You should search the forums before creating a new thread that is the same as an existing one.

Wasnt my intention to create a new post similar to many others and I am sorry about that ,but 5 days without an answer seemed kinda prolonged waiting period and I wanted to see if others had similar experience due to the overload of tickets that support had

Remember, if you update your ticket without receiving a response, you move to the back of the line, and in one of the other threads @PGJared mentioned there’s still close to a couple thousand tickets open.

Hi all! Support is still working through the influx of tickets that came in after the season’s release. Please be aware that it will still take time for our team to get to everyone’s tickets.

My ticket was addressed within 24 hours of logging it. I think they need to prioritise the tickets as well as look at them as what I raised was fairly concerning behaviour by a player and although I had to raise it here, I think that they were pretty good with their response, given it was also the weekend.

I know it’s frustrating … but a thumbs up from me.

I’m hoping for the sake of everyones sanity that the next event launches without a hitch.

Can you imagine the delays on new tickets if it all goes tits up again?

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