How long does it take to max your base with L75 Towers?

I am wondering what is the lowest level that you can get your base fully maxed out?

All towers at level 75?
I’m seeing late 400s to mid 500s.

  • What level could one max out first long island and perch island (15 towers).**

  • How about the first 15 tower spots with only 4 flak towers?

  • And finally how long for all islands maxed to 75 with flaks.

I’m assuming it costs money to max out with flaks and to even max out to the first perch in a reasonable timeframe. I’m also wondering if this is even possible to do this before new towers get introduced. Just like event dragons, I’m told they become obsolete long before a player gets to Vanguard now Vanguard+.

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What is your question? How long means little. there are way too many factors. If you want to see build times go look at dragon-manager site. To put it in perspective it takes almost 6 years for 1 level 75 tower.

someone could do it in a day with enough money.


Nah I’ve seen the build times and dragon manager. I wasn’t asking for build times just estimated level of possible achievement of the listed questions:

I have multiple questions about length to get different numbers of towers to level 75.

How much money do you think it would take?

well if you want to figure it out go for it. its easy enough to do, all information you need in on dragon manager. It will largely be a waste of time though. lets say the answer comes back as 15 towers = 420, full max base = 537. What would this tell you?


100k ish… Actually a lot more than that since they would need to gem feed all the dragons along the way. 120K

It would tell me if I have a fighting chance against P2P dragon lords.
I’m wanting to know if it will take me till level 500 earning the towers withought money?

Not saying I’ll quit, that depends on how much fun I have playing.

You saying $120,000? Holy :poop:

lets assume i gave you a free max base. Just to keep it up to date will cost you thousands a year… never mind the cost to build it to start. does that help? to put it in perspective we get a new tier twice a year. with each new tier comes 10 tower levels. a max base would need to build 360 tower levels every 6 months + farms and infastructure builds. Thats 60 builds per building event at 57 days each (actaully say 39 days due to research and all the build time reductions). So at 39 days you still need 6.5 years worth of timers per build event just to maintain a max base.


Lol so basically if I want to be relevant once I get to vanguard I’ll have to pay money to have a decent base?

well depends on what you mean by relevant. Im relevant in plat… im no one in diamond… but yes if starting the game today do not ever expect to be relevant without significant spending.


Maybe they should balance the game so it’s at least achieveable for F2P/E2P players. I’m sure there is plenty wrong with the game but that seems like it should be top priority?

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lol we have been telling them that for the past 3 years, more so in the past 1.5 years… they dont agree. they just want $$. fair warning to you now, this game is not well run, the company is so dollar focused that they are destroying what was once a great game. I would never recommend this game to anyone, and that includes you if you are just getting started.

They keep saying they are looking into fixing things… but nothing meaningful yet.


It’s a double edged sword. If it’s achievable by free players, why would people spend?

I 100% agree with Mike.


I personally think spending should be a shortcut to get to endgame, for those with less time or less skill, or just starting later. But it should not be the only possible way to get there.

I think up to obsidian, that balance was there, non-spenders could reach obsidian tier and lvl 60 towers with enough hard work and smart play, maybe a few months later than spenders. With Harb and Vanguard, that seems to have gone well out of the window.


F2P and E2P have their own places. I think @mechengg is one of pure E2P…


Somehow I agree that they need more balance. However, that doesn’t mean that F2P and whales should achieve the same result.
Having the same chance is fine (want to rant about Atlas again :cry:)


That wasn’t my opinion, by the way - just the way PG clearly runs things.


By the time you got to vanguard, there’d be 5+ new tiers of dragons, new tower types, more tower levels, etc. , so forever irrelevant in terms of endgame. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is certainly one way to structure a F2P game.

Coming up on 3 years here, I’d have to say I see zero signs this is that kind of game. Pay to win, or as one persona non grata forum poster once memorably put it, pay to exist.


37 days after all reasearch and current max rider bonus. So, its about 6 years per event.

If you dont spend and is very active in all events, grinding bronze chests all the time, opening gold chests for rubies from rewards, pvp in atlas and opening those branches you can accumulate like 9k x 1hr, 1k x 3hr and 400 x 12hr ~ 2 years between building event. This is the absolute maximum estimation (ive got such amount only once). So, you’ll need to buy another 4 years per event. Its about 35 000 hours. You gain about 22 hours per 1 gold chest on avg (check mechengg’s tables on the forum). So you need to buy 14 packs with 35k rubies and 25 chests every building event.
#pggreed Finally, 1.4-1,5k bucks per event just to !keep up! the full base.

If you wanna build from scratch prepare those mentioned 120k bucks cuz lvl cap is gonna rise in january, 2019.

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