How long is a typical support response time?

Just curious, I’ve been locked out for the last 7 hours. Done the typical things - restarted iPad, uninstalled and installed app, turned off WiFi etc all done 10 +times all to no avail. I placed a ticket 7 hours ago with just the auto response. Last time this happened it was 3 days to get a response, just was wondering if that was typical. Missing out on all the egg event stuff, but also on leveling up my dragons which I need to do to do the breeding. Really frustrating. For a lowly level 50 it’s important to get the sigils as well as bronze chests to compete in upcoming events. I have done the elite membership, but now I’m questioning my sanity for doing that since in every single event this has happened to me.

Ticket #1114038
Just was wondering if most folks are out for less than me or a lot longer than me.

It varies entirely on how busy the support staff are. I’d take an estimate of 1-3 days?

I’d recommend:

  • Adding your ticket number to this thread (edit your original post to add it in so it’s easy to find) incase someone from PG sees this and wants to take a look.
  • Don’t add to your ticket as it pushes it to the back of the queue.
  • If/when they get back to you - if you get a generic “canned” response that doesn’t help, you can ask them to escalate it to a manager.

Thanks for the advice! As you see above, I placed the ticket number on the original post.

Your advice was much appreciated!:+1:

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It seems that 3+ days is pretty unusual and doesn’t happen very often. One of my alts had an issue so I created a ticket midday Sunday; it was answered yesterday afternoon (4 days). That surprised me because another ticket I created in between then on another account got a reply within a few hours. I’m not sure how the priorities are worked out but if you do what @UnseatedDonkey suggested above, it still seems to be in the luck of the draw.

Anywhere from 6hrs to 7days, in my experience…wish I was kidding.

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The only time I sent in a ticket, I got a response back (and the issue solved) within two hours. Considering that I sent it in at about 1am California time, I was a little surprised :joy: Got lucky I guess. Good luck to you, OP.

Are you talking about a first reply? Our current median first reply time is 1.67 hours (note that this does not include the auto-reply, but may include a bulk-response).

Current median full resolve time is 33hrs.

Generally speaking you want the ticket to be escalated, but not to a manager. The only manager is me, and if your ticket gets sent to me it will sit for way longer than the median. I’m in meetings all day and rarely have time to sit down and dig into a ticket.

Just ask for an escalation and it will move up the tree.

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Not even 2 hours…? That’s hard to believe.

You have to remember that we get about 35k-40k new tickets monthly. That’s just the unique tickets. When we factor in replies we’re looking at about 27,000 ticket events daily. So when people complain about a slow reply there are hundreds of other people that day who submitted a ticket and got their reply rather quickly.

We participate in analytics sharing with other folks who use the same CRM platform we do, and our first reply time is very quick. I know there are a lot of things we need to work on from a PX perspective, but speed is something we’re doing pretty well.

I’m not saying that it should be any quicker, but less than 2 hours as a median is surprising to say the least. The mean is most likely significantly higher.

Depends on your definition of significant. Average is 3.2hrs for First Reply time.

Wow. I consider a first response within 5 hours to be quick. Usually expect 2 days. That is good to hear though, at least other players get luckier than I with these. Like said, I think Support could improve in areas other than speed. Appreciate your time responding Jared.

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