How many architects packs does it take to buy a mythic from nothing

Lets say you have just started war dragons and want to buy a mythic from nothing. So how many architects packs does it take to get the mythic divine? An architect pack contains 15 gold chests and 35k rubies. I opened super sigils with 180k rubies and that yields 44k sigils. I am taking this as a reference.

Since you want a rider too, venus is good for you, 37k sigils needed and 6 keys collected. Next cheapest line is omniros, 35900 sigils needed, 6 keys comes from this line. 3th line can be electrum line which is 37k sigils and 6 keys. Next cheapest key cames from cosmic line, 4700 sigils, 1 key. Last key can come from mission boost line, 5850 sigils, and the last key obtained.

In total, 120450 sigils needed. If you only use rubies, not any gold chests obtained from lines, because you are rich, that is 490k rubies.

you can buy a mythic with 14 architect packs without opening gold chests obtained from that lines. In my country it costs 691 dollars

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Why buy the architect pack when you could get the 25 gold chest/35k rubies during a pvp?

The math seems off here. Obviously it’s not US dollars being referenced but something doesn’t seem right :thinking:

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It is 49.5 US dollars in Turkey


I’m sorry; was this a question post (asking for advice) or an explanation post? Because it almost seems like you’re asking for advice, but then it appears, by the wording at the end of the post, that you were actually giving advice. Were you asking?


Just for the fun of it because I’m curious:

If we were to only use rubies from the Architect’s Pack:
20 keys needed / 6 keys a branch = 3.33 branches
37k sigils a branch * 3.33 branches = 123.33k sigils
123.33k sigils / 1100 sigils average (SSC) = 112.12 batches of 10 SSC
112.12 batches of 10 * 5k rubies = 560.6k rubies!
560.6k rubies / 35k per pack = 16 packs
16 packs * $100 USD = $1600

These are just estimations and NOT to be taken seriously. Please don’t spend $1600 on a game :slight_smile:

Also, don’t forget that this specific pack is “70% off.” This would value a mythic at $5333! Realistic lol


I am asking actually, and explaining it for my country. i dont know how much does it cost over there? And different approaches to buy a mythic from nothing could be mind opening.


it is also android cost i think.
which is way way way cheaper than ios
so, when compare prices consider this too


Crap time to get an android phone and whale myself


just buy a second hand and cheap one and download game :joy:
it needs to perform only enough to open store and 1-tap buy :rofl:
and ta daa