How many attacks does it take to very active?

so if you don’t come on much or don’t attack much it I say ethier inactive or low activty if you attack about the normal for people it says active but how much do you have to attack for it to say very active?


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Ok… idk why u tell me that but ok

Its a combination of your chats, runs, joins and probably another thing or two i’m missing. I can do hundreds of runs a day but if i don’t chat in TC because i’m so busy my activity can go from VERY ACTIVE to ACTIVE.

Ok I am a noob at the game that’s why I asked

No worries at all. I’m just letting you know what activities count towards “activity” :slight_smile:

Ok thanks

Basically these are the factors that go into activity level:
Number or frequency of logins
Length of stay when logged in
Number of attacks
Number of chats

Ok cool guessing since you know you are very active

Sending RSS also counts with your activity.


Ok so I think I know every thing for it then

Slightly off topic.
Just remember that someone make posting 10 times daily as requirement :woman_facepalming:

Ok that’s probily one of the reson she why it says I am cause I chat a lot lol


That I think is incorrect. Thats because my alt would not talk in the team chat in days (specially) if im online too but did not get any inactive status. Most of the time alt is doing egg missions, gold farming or passing rss.

Was it active or very active

Only active. Alt becomes “very active” if he do all the items listed above everyday. And stays on longer than usual, specially Pvp.

Yeah the OP was asking about very active status - chats absolutely required.

Shoot. Missed the “very active” :see_no_evil:. Then you need all. But it does not mean you have to chat at least 10 times a day.

I’ve also fallen to merely “active” instead of “very active” because I haven’t felt overly chatty for team chat recently :laughing: still do multiple logins a day to do egg token missions and train the newer dragons :slight_smile:


Lol, me too. I’m always hovering between the two and I talk more on LINE than in-game. :t_rex:

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