How many daily egg bonuses is your Atlas team getting?

I’m trying to get a sense what the top teams get a day that have the most castles, does anyone know?

My Sapphire 2 Team gets between 400-700 depending on how many castles we’ve held onto at various times.

I’d love to know what other teams are getting? Or who has the most castles and how do we calculate how many daily egg bonuses they get???

You flip how many castles you have that often?

We have gotten a steady 650 for a while now. It used to be like 558 or 544 or something before this. Our next step is 728.

We are currently ranked #36 for influence and own between 8 and 15 (combination of T2 T3 T4) castles but not going to give specifics

Calculations can be found by clicking on your castle bonus menu. Click on the actual tokens display and it will pop up a menu that tells you what each infrastructure is contributing as well as how many points are required until the next level, as well as what the next level bonus is.


I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.


thanks mechengg… if your team is #36 I wonder what the top 5 teams are getting. Do you think it’s possible there are teams earning >2000 bonus eggs a day?

Lx460… lol. you don’t have to tell me exactly how much, you can give me a range if it makes you feel better :slight_smile:

I’m just trying to get a sense what the max. possible bonuses are and what our team should realistically be trying to aim for.

1k give or take a few

There’s a cap and im not 100% sure but think it’s well under 2k

@SirYoYo my team is D1, same league as @mechengg 's team.
We’re ranked in the top 20 for “Team Influance” and were earning 728 in “Silver 5”
You’d be surprised. The top 10 teams are around the 1k range. No one is at 1500 yet.

If I told you we earned around 1152 eggs daily I’d have to kill you like LX460 said :slight_smile:


nice… :slight_smile:

That’s the chart i was looking for!

Scanned posts like 1-20 then gave up on that thread lol

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1500 tokens was the previous hard cap… I believe eggtoken said the new max payout is about 75k per month, but I could be misremembering

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Current egg token tribute cap is 2,111 per day (up from 1,500 per day as you mentioned).

Things have been changed since then, though :cry: need new numbers to update things.

My team gets 341 tokens a day in platinum one but it’s okay for now

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What triggers the timer/troop component of the fort bonus?

Own higher level territory to unlock timer tribute.

So you have to own level 3 or above castles to get the timer bonuses? What about the troops?

I think:

T2 = Tokens
T3 = Troops
T4 = Timers

But we have all so i can’t confirm exactly

I’m sorry Atlas is so new to me. Are you talking about the level of the castle/land or the level of the fort at your castles? Because if it’s the level of the castle, It would mean for example you can have 20 level 2 castles and never get beyond egg tokens. Is that correct? Again I’m sorry if this is simple for everyone else and I’m just not getting it. Thanks

I believe each lower reward counts all the castles above it too. So

Levels 2-5 castles count for egg tokens
Levels 3-5 are troops
Levels 4 and 5 are timers