How many days worth of Timers for 4K rubies. Average of 10 golds

How many days worth of timers per 10 golds?
Trying to figure out what’s the better deal the forge pack for 5900 or 10 golds with extra rubies.
I’ve never paid attention but it seems the very most you’ll get is a legendary 15 12 hr drop with sometimes 50 3 Hrs.
I wouldn’t think this would even be the average idk but was thinking just for timers the speed up pack is better value.

Depends on the event. :man_shrugging:

@mechengg 's chest drop average is still useful for this…

Just try summarizing a bit. Make sure you picked fort as comparison :wink:

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Mechengg’s sheet has the exact numbers, but it’s around 24 hours per chest in Fort, about 20 hours in other events. If averaged over enough chests of course.

But you also get other consumables…
Embers, pearls, sigils, etc

So, 146k rubies = 1 year of timers during Fort?

Sounds about right, although it would have to be 144k or 148k because the buying is in 4k steps.

That sucks. Better to farm bronze chests then

If you bought them in $100 packs then 4 packs (140k rubies) = one year of speed ups…That’ll speed up around 8-10 towers?
gaining a level and a half maybe 2 levels?
Not to bad! :thinking:

$400 for 2 levels is horrid :face_with_monocle:


It was a joke

Oh, without the “/s” I miss sarcasm most times :sweat_smile:

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