How Many Egg Tokens Would Gold Chests Drop if Gold Chests Did Drop Egg Tokens?

If you’re reciting “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck…” then my job here is done…
Kidding. Kinda.
In an effort to come up with a usable algebraic function to determine how many packs one would purchase (if one felt inclined to purchase and had an infinite amount of $ at their disposal) some of us have been chatting about the average number of Egg Tokens that appear in every 10 gold chests. Does anyone have verifiable data on this? I don’t wanna hear “Well, once I opened ten chests and I got about 8-10k egg tokens.” That’s not useful information and too small of a sampling to be used as an average. Or, if there is no such data, perhaps screen shots of 10 gold chests being open can be collected so that some data can be had? Ideas?

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Yes, I have some data. The last time I opened gold chests I opened 93 chests (90 plus 3 free legendaries for opening 30).

10 out of those 93 were egg token drops. Of those 10, 8 were epic (1100 tokens) and 2 were legendary (3000 tokens).

I will be opening gold chests again at the start of next season, this time over 200 of them, and I will post my results when it happens.

Also the above data was collected during a PvP event, so your odds during breeding should be somewhat better.

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The one you need is drop rate of gold chests, which I believe is different for each event.

I think you meant epic (1,1k) and Legendary (3k).

You’re right. Its late. LOL

Also its worth noting that if you are looking for the cheapest way to obtain egg tokens, opening gold chests is not the way to do it. Speeding up your 1 hour egg quest is far far far more economical.

You get 2.6k eggs per 1k rubies speeding up the 1 hour egg quest.


When I did keep data it became apparent and shared it with a few others that spent, each of us came up with wide varying amounts. The variances did not stop with individual accounts as there were significant differences in drops of different items for each event. The latter at least makes some logical sense as the items dropped per event were dependent on the type of event; pvp, fortifications, breeding, feeding…

The only interesting, and somewhat helpful, data seemed to suggest the the drop rate during breeding event of egg tokens was less than other events, where pvp events seemed to drop at rates similar for each of us and at a moderately higher rate.

Even if I still had the spreadsheet I would still consider it as ‘unverifiable… and for that matter, so would any image or data offered by any of us. If you have a close knit group of spenders who can physically share screens to chart the data longitudinally, or temporally, between beginning and ending of a season, with individual cases varying in levels, you might have luck determine the rates… sorry that I can’t be more helpful than that, but good luck.

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About 25k tokens per 100 gold chests during breed

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Savage has something …

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Does not apply to me I’m being ripped off with my Google play cards and not
getting rewards…

At least lawmakers are trying to pass a bill where games with these loot crates would be required to let you know what your paying for, which means percentage of drop rates. We can thank the whole EA screw up for that. Might not happen soon but they will start cracking down on these games with regulations. You’ll probably never know until that happens

Depends upon how many you open and during what event.

If you care only about tokens, now is a good time to open.

If you care about good drops in general, now is not so good.

Any predictions made for under 300 chests will have a larger margin of error, but for most people, my predictions are accurate enough once over about 130-150.

I have been collecting very large samples for a long time

You should find that, giving the above limitations, my predictions are quite good.

Here are some examples of what you could expect from the current event, breeding.


Here is some data from last event. Spent to open 100 golds (plus bonus and the ones I unlocked in Kaylas gear). Ended up with about 24k egg tokens plus lots of other toys for the next PVP.

Not as many as if I was grinding egg missions, but it is up to you how you want to proceed. I imagine the drops would be better for egg tokens and food packs this week, but is rather get the PvP items.

Any chance you can share this? :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::pray::pray::pray:

I am clearly doing something wrong because I don’t come anywhere near your estimate. I do, however, get more during non breeding events that come closer to those numbers. Too late for me to start tracking accurately this event, but definitely will have to start again next event. Seriously not cool that I am that short. If it were anyone else I’d question the data. Did you post data for the other events in another thread so I can compare next week?

I found it better to open gold chests during PVP event. If you open during breeding event, the special drops you get are the XP pots, XP boosts and Food Packs. None of those will help you get more points.

If you open during PVP event, you get energy packs and inner fires which will help you get even more points. You still get egg token and mystic frag drops during PVP event.


A gold chest would drop as much egg tokens as a gold chest would drop if a gold chest could drop egg tokens :rofl:

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You have 18 sigils, 23 hours, 228 egg tokens per 1 gold chest on average. Based on hundreds chests opening during different events.

Im sure, max estimation for those avgs is 20 sigs, 24 hours, 250egg per chest.

So, I am happy to admit to being wrong… at least in regards to not doing as well on egg tokens during this event compared to your data. I went ahead and purchased two packs and collected the data on the chest drops. For an attempt at a control, I asked teammates to send me screenshots when they open 10 chests and catalogued theirs, too. I didn’t get enough from the teammates to do a full comparison so I went rudimentary and applied the rounded mean to the rest match total observations. I am also slightly embarrassed to admit that when I first read the amounts above, I thought I read it as accumulations of $100 packs and not $200, thus my initial response. However, there still appears to be a significant difference, but I believe this is perhaps because the data you compiled may be from before the change in ruby quantities in each pack as you show only 150 chests. This would make sense off of 28k rubies, though you show 30k, and different chest quantities offered in the packs. I calculate a possible 200 chests given 2x$200 packs with 35k rubies and selecting the 15 gold chest option with timers.

Based on that, I got:

For self:

Teammates (control group)

Adjusted for pack inflation:
Self:(using 1st 150 opened)

Control:(using 1st 150 provided)

After inflation, you can see you and I match up pretty well, but the control group did significantly better. The latter differences may be explained by extraneous, and possibly confounding variables, since I had to rely on self-reporting and assume they didn’t ‘cherry pick’ results… meaning the control group wasn’t directly observed or… well… controlled at all for that matter. I catalogued the counts as I received them, receiving multiple from some and individual screenshots from a few for a total of 14 screenshots of 10 gold chests each.

Adding some insights below that I found interesting in case you or the OP are interested (happy to provide raw data, too, if desired…

Again… very happy to admit when I’m wrong :smile:

*Edit: previously provide wrong image for adjusted control group’s numbers…

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I hope I didn’t forget to change the pack amount. I will check that and update if I did.