How many events are there in total per season

I’ll be honest it’s what it says on the tin. I’ve worked it out at 1 per week roughly but that comes at 12 events per season which feels very low.

Anyone know the exact number?

Thanks for your help

There is only 1 event per week like…ever (since they cut the mini event).

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So that means 12 total events per season?

AThat still feels super light To me. For some reason I have it in my head that events last 4 days with a day break between making time every 5 days. I’m hoping that’s the case

Nope - Wednesday to Monday every week (in my time zone).

There are typically 13 full events per season. Has been that way since 1st season I believe, which was 12. This weeks event, Gauntlet, is the 6th event so far this season.

The more you know I guess. Thanks guys



So let’s say 13 x 850 (11,050) sigils from 1st place in sapphire and 13x 2200 (28,600) sigils from getting the 450 sigils prize every time that’s <40k sigils for the best sapphire team member per season.

Best diamond team would be 13 x 1500 and 13 x 2200 sigils. That’s <49k sigils.

Wonder how non spenders would get 2 full lines including egg tokens and a rider which is 57k to 66,500 sigils.

Also it’s impossible that your team gets first prize all the time and you’d get the 450 sigils always (out of event related items for a f2p at some point in mid season).

More realistic is <30k for average sapphire and <38k for average diamond.


Chests. That’s where them sigils are hiding. And you get more than enough rubies each event to open quite a few.

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Double sigils chests? Otherwise no way to get 30k sigils from gold chests. And if so you would run out of everything after two pvps reaching the 450 sigils so no chance to get 13 x 2,200 sigils.

Either way the math doesn’t work.

Yeah I was just reflecting - last season was my best effort - full lines for Grogg and Nec. However both were discounted so guesstimate I saved say 20% of the total cost? So say I spent 40k sigils - I still had to use rubies for super sigil chests at end of season but I managed it.

So 2 full lines may be doable for top players who do very very well every event - 2 full lines including token boost may be a stretch. :man_shrugging:

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Yep that’s what I think too. Unless you’re jobless or have TONS of free time the average player should end up with 20-40k sigils without spending per season.

Hardcore gamers in TOP teams might get 50kish but it’s very unlikely that those guys don’t spend.

My alt is an above average player and gets normally a full line token boost and some side shit (Kayla)

Awww man, side chick is a really good name for her… I went with cheap date.


Ehh, a typical year is 52 weeks long

With 4 seasons in a year, you get 13 events per season typically.

Now there have been occasional mini (individual) events fitting between Monday and Wednesday but no clue if or when they may do more.

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For the past 3 seasons I’ve obtained 2 full lines, typically one main style and one sale branch so there was a slight discount on the first few thousand tokens. I’ve also gotten the double token bonus too each season.

So in general I probably got 50k sigils for each of the previous seasons as an average.

I wonder if PG can pull that type of data? 🤷 Not that I’m asking them to, just curious if support can pull stats for us?

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You’d be above average :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that with spending or just naturally /chests

2 branches without spending is not that hard
But you need to do events wisely, 450 sigils per event and stop
Unless team Needs that little extra
The 500 sigils is not worth the effort imo (Unless you spend)

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That’s very dependant on league. Hitting 450 in prizes, according to warlord gives you roughly 28k tokens. That’s not inc team placement and he used sapphires 850 first place reward as an example rounding up to 40k. That’s not 2 full branches. And those with lower tier rewards won’t get that many points for first.

Sure clearing one is possible but two is a massive push for us lower ranks. Decent gold chest rolls may boost this up but I’d say 2 full lines can be touch and go for f2p lower ranked players.

But it is manageable.

This has been fantastic information so thank you everyone for your help.


First time I’ve heard that one