How many events left in wintertide?

How many events are left? As of this breeding.

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Two of PvP, Feeding, and Fort.
I hope PvP and Feeding.


That’s good to know I was wondering the same thing.
So hope it’s feeding been waiting since last feeding event to train my dragons.

Feeding does seem the most probably, hope it’s that one. Doesn’t make sense to make shiney new furniture while a bunch of hungry dragons are still chewing on it…


Feeding will be first of spring season…


So will it be fort Andy PvP?

Events will go: King of the Hill next, then fort, start of spring now Feeding, breeding…

Edit: These are not set in stone


What’s your source for that?

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I stole an event planner from a WD chat on LINE


I doubt that we will have feeding without new dragons
Usually it’s at the beginning of the new season
Which makes sense,since we supposed to have new Harbingers next month

Basically anyone who says they know what will happen for the last event of this season and the first event of next season is full of s***.

This is a very unusual (perhaps unprecedented?) confluence of the 4 week fort rotation aligning with the 9 week feeding rotation AND the start of a new season. I dont know if all three have landed together before.

PG could literally do anything here. I only hope that they take the input of the players into consideration and not open the new season with crap events for opening chests.




First event of next season is Feeding.
Source: My hungry dragons :hatching_chick::rofl:

I never said it was accurate… Just a small guide :rofl::rofl:


They have. April, 2017 (and my guess for feeding in this season is based on the calendar as well).

No… My Amarok said that it will be sooner…

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Feeding event has a history of every 9 or 10 weeks and always com s either immediately before or after a Breeding event…it will be 9 weeks next week. So the probability is high that next event is Feeding… but they do occasionally shift things so nothing can be assumed until they declare it.

Well you were talking like it is a set in stone schedule. Read your responses above 🤷

If you are claiming it’s not accurate then why are you misleading people and spreading inaccurate information?

Okay let me rephrase.

It’s been pretty accurate, BUT schedules can change. :woman_shrugging:t3:
Forgive my poor wording on my posts above

Edit: I fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for fixing it.

I just can’t wait until Monday when you find out that this “chart” is incorrect in like week 3 and then you can throw it in the trash, learn a lesson never to follow these prediction charts and then help spread the word to other individuals :+1::+1:

Lol. We shall see…