How many events

Including the current event how many events are left in this season?

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Wait it’s week 9 right? So we have 5 including this one. Week 13 is last.
We have pits in week 9
Fort in week 10
Then another PvP in week 11
Breeding in week 12
Then another PvP in week 13
Then fall season starts with fort.


There are 5 left including this one.

If you look at the season tab it tells you there are 34 days and some hours left and we have one event per week. 7 days in a week * 5 = 35 days


But what if the new tower will result in season being extended :joy_cat:

And when has that ever happened?

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Get out of here :roll_eyes:

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My bad😔 i thought season is 12 events so just 4 left thanks for correcting and flagging the wrong info

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