How many feeding events we have in a year?

I’d like to know how many feeding events we have in a year! Thank you!

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I don’t believe they are on a strict rotation but they happen about every 14 9-10 weeks. from memory. (Google War dragons event calendar for the website - not PG - community run calendar with historical info)

If my number isn’t wrong there are 52 weeks in a year and you should see either 3 or 4 5 or 6 per year depending on the year.

Edit: updating to reflect numbers from below (9-10 weeks)

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The last 3 have occurred every 9-10 weeks

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Thank you so much! Somebody told me before that there were only two in a year… so that’s why I asked … thank you!!! :blush:

someone said they occur every month where there is 5 event weeks (those that begin on a Wednesday). This usually occurs a few times a year. It’s not perfect since there are 5 event weeks this month and I doubt we will see a feed event this month.

But there are I think 3 other months this year with 5 weeks so expect at least 2 maybe 3 more times this year. is the way to go…not hearsay

The question was how many feed events in the year. the site you referenced only posts what PG decides. It doesn’t answer the question.

I don’t have the time and could care less how many feed events there are during the year. Otherwise I’d go back to the site and look at last years calendar.

I provided some information based on observations others have stated.

As we know, nothing is guaranteed with PG.

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