How many Hueso shards to stop getting frags from chests

Does anyone know how many Hueso fragments it takes to max it / to not get Hueso shards from chests?

Searched for 20minutes but cant find the info in any thread :open_mouth:


558 plus the 1 to get the egg

Verdant 125
Eldritch 100
Abyssal 80
Empyrean 60
Vanguard 50
Harbinger 40
Obsidian 30
Emerald 20
Garnet 15
Sapphire 10
Platinum 8
Green 6
Gold 5
Orange 4
Blue 3
Purple 2

Edit: added totals, but can’t seem to format it nicely :see_no_evil:


No running total unfortunately, so you’d have to add them up by hand.


Perfect thanks, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

@moderators You can close the thread if you have a minute, merci.