How many in-game group chats do you have? 😳

I’ve been able to trim mine down to 10 but its still too much. :sob::sob::sob:

:scream::scream::scream_cat: That’s more than double of what I have…

:sob::sob: and that is after I left two chats this morning :sob::sob:

Why must I be so popular? :face_with_monocle:


Lol , I hv 4 .

Having more than 4 and having to scroll through them really bugs me. I think I have 6 or so.
I sometimes read important info a bit late when poeple don’t the @group or @username mention :see_no_evil:

I’m on iOS so I typically get a pop up on the lock screen of my iPhone and iPad saying what the @group/@LizDrakemoor message was about, provided that my device is locked at the time the message goes out. I don’t think it shows up in the summary page thing if my device wasn’t unlocked though… I’d have to test it and get back to you, but I don’t have time for that now :laughing:

I think I said that wrong. Fixed my post.
I meant to say when people don’t tag me, I tend to miss checking group chats for updates for some days :smile:

My team usually tags the team for important updates and I keep notifications on so not a big deal actually.

  • Attack Room
  • Defense Room
  • RSS Room
  • Office Chat
  • Atlas Alliance

So 5


Only 2 here, the absolute necessary ones:

  • War
  • Atlas Alliance

As I grind a lot I have no time to follow any group chats. WDF and the LINE chat with my team is enough and manageable.

Same exact rooms. Sometimes I’ll open one with a player or team who need some in game help, but I don’t stay in them usually. I don’t like having messy chats.


I still keep a chat open with some of the officers from my very first team back in gold, it was a tough decision to leave them but is been like a year and they are still in gold, so I think it was the right move ^^. Other than that is mostly team related chats.

What’s the purpose of defence room? I heard this first time . If the details can be shared , can u tell the role of that room ?

I’m in just two. :t_rex:

It’s to organize defense. He shouldn’t be sharing more than that, honestly.


Thanks and knew bc that’s rulith secret ,every team hv that .

…and then there’s external to game (e.g. LINE). :rofl:

I’ll only say quite a few and it grew after the addition of Atlas.

3 Before Atlas
4 Related to Atlas
1 Social

So 7 team related

LINE: TNTC :rofl:

Its primary purpose is to discuss shape, fence board spacing, paint color, the next maintenance and paint period, as well as if we will every change the D to an C or a Q even.




I habitually leave chats, so down to 8 :man_shrugging:t2:. When youre in like 20+ it’s primarily all the same people with a different leader anyway.

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You can PM me the specifics in exchange for a “special” pic. :wink: