How many in-game group chats do you have? 😳


9 I believe, I hate dead ones cause it takes up space and makes me scroll


I don’t think he’s going to be fooled by that naked mole rat pic for a third time :joy:




This pic makes me wonder if you’re more or less skeptical than that kid is :joy:


:joy::joy::joy: I promise it wasn’t going to be a naked mole rat :crossed_fingers:


I’m pretty sure that kid gets that look from me lol


I have a war chat, resource chat, alliance chat (atlas), and a chat with my friend who recently started playing. So 4. No one in my team ever really uses the war and resource chats though…


I have 11 chats: Atlas, Resources, War, Random players, Friends, Strategy, and the rest are just there if I need to discuss something with a certain person


Atlas alliance chat
2 Atlas passage chats
Atlas war chat
War chat
RSS chat
Officer chat
plus 3 social chats


I have around 20 I think, don’t use them all though.


I have :

  1. Officer Room
  2. Indonesian Players
  3. Quest Room (with another team)
  4. All Leader and Officer Indo team
  5. Zombieland
  6. Pribumi
  7. Relationship (With my GF) lol :joy:
  8. RSS Request
  9. War Room
  10. Defense Room


Is that any difference between #2 and #6 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What does 5 and 6 mean? I think I got an invite for Zombie-something before and declined without inquiring the purpose.


2. All Biggies lvl or Old Players of Indonesian
3. Just newbie indonesian player

  1. Is Group Chat from this Forums, you can ask with @XxPr1nceXx
  2. Its like the same no. 2


No thanks. Too many gcs already. :sob:


Wkwk lol just for sharing with all players WD :joy:


Zombieland is greattttt has players from different leagues


Zombieland is kinda a place where we all can chit chat plus share info back and forth has people from different leagues and can tell issues and can help one another grow a good place for info has forum mods a pg employee that isnt to be bugged for issues has a alot of good people in it !!!


Yes, I meet with higher level players than me and meet members who will become the same league