How many likes does it take to get to the “Out of Love” badge?


How many forum likes can we actually give a day? The “Out of Love” badge says 50, but I have liked more than 50 posts today. Also, how do you actually get this darn badge?


Badges can take time to get credited; it’s not instantaneous.


I’m not very patient. :sweat: Thank you for responding. Do you know how many likes you actually get per day?


You liked 50 things just to get a badge?


Go to your profile and mouseover your likes while using a computer browser, it’ll give you an exact amount of likes.


And then you can just track it from there. That’s a lot of work for a badge that does nothing, though.


Just like Pokémon. :woman_shrugging: It seems logical to me.

Edit: I also got to read through some posts I had been neglecting.


Thank you.


I read every post, but I only read the thread if it seems interesting


I do the same. Tonight I opened some I usually wouldn’t, just to clear the new topics.


I impulsively read just about every post in every thread that’s not in the LFT or LFM section of the forums :sweat_smile: If there’s lots of math in a post, or a lack of proper punctuation (Damn it people! What is so hard about throwing in a few comas commas and periods in logical places to make your sentences understandable?!) then I’m more prone to just skimming it or scrolling past it altogether :laughing:

Edit: Liz can’t spell :shushing_face:


I am liking this for the badge😏


Where can you see those badges?


Burger menu > Badges


Who’s throwing in comas? Wouldn’t commas work better than comatose people? I feel like they’re not very useful grammatically… :wink:


Argh! You’ve uncovered my crappiness at spelling stuff correctly :scream: This is why spell check is my friend :joy::joy::joy: But I often forget to use the grammarly keyboard on the forums because I’m lazy :laughing:


We have soooo much comas in my native language!
So I use to overdose with them so much,that I decided to cut them at all🙊


Btw,sometimes you won’t get badges at all
For some weird reason . My alt have been visiting forum since day one and still doesn’t have Aficionado badge
So I gave up and started using main


This is part of why I asked. It’s says only 5 people have this badge, but I know it should be more. I missed the Aficionado badge by a couple days when the in game login kept asking for my info.


Maybe 5 ppl applied it ?
I can remove my badge and apply another


I thought this was the number earned. I may be wrong.