How many low levels are represented here ? Speak up 😊


I wanna see how many low levels are actually represented on the forums as I can the majority seems to be higher levels who suggest things that benefit higher players, now there are some who speak for all but these are few and far between, if I am wrong please correct me :blush:

Anyways, the point in this was to see how many low levels are active on the forums and if you have any suggestions that would benefit all then please share :grin:



What counts as low level?

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:point_up_2:, this. I personally think of myself as a low level :man_shrugging:t2:


You could argue anyone under 200 is a low level at this point.


Well then I’m a low level

Well then I guess I qualify.

Noob at your service!


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To clarify, I’m not arguing that per se. I’m just saying as the game is aging, I think you could successfully come up with an argument that sub level 200 players are low levels. That doesn’t mean it’s gospel.

I am sub 200

Low level to the rescue!! :point_left:

Why not make it a poll?

Poll time! If you have multiple accounts then vote according to your largest.

  • Level 0 - 50
  • Level 51 - 100
  • Level 101 - 150
  • Level 151 - 200
  • Level 201 - 250
  • Level 251 - 300
  • Level 300 - 399
  • Level 400+

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Shoulda made it 250+

Im 108 so Id assume I qualify.

All Id say advice wise is upper level players please remember that not every player is in the upper levels and there is a lot of bias advice that gets posted. I see a lot of “that dragon sucks”, well yes, for a lv 300 most of the dragons that someone under 200 are going to be using are going to “suck” for you. I get many of you have been around since the dawn of WD time and have probably seen the same things discussed 10,000 times but that isnt how it is for everyone. So give some people a break as long as theyre not being stuck up brats about it.


Vote :point_up:

When “upper level” players say that dragon sucks, they don’t mean for them, they mean for anyone at the time it is obtained. Most are “breed and barn”, few are play til you can’t play em anymore…


There’s still some outdated advice going around, though people have recently gotten better about Amarok love :rofl:


Not always true. Ive seen a lot of things like “Amarok is crap, he used to be good but now he’s garbage”. I dont care if the number of elemental towers have dramatically increased, for someone in their 50s and 60s Amarok is still one of the best dragons out there. Most lower level players arent going to have 20 seasonal dragons so dragons like Danzig are still going to be good for their respective levels.

There is definetly a sense of superiority among some of the upper levels. Not saying they dont know what they’re talking about, obviously they do but Ive certainly seen a lot with the attitide of “your opinion doesnt matter if youre under lv 150” and like to talk down to lower level players.


If anyone tells you Amarok sucks, they’re an *&$@#. Yes, elemental towers have increased in use, doesn’t make him useless, you just have to adjust your play style.

What’s with all the hate for high(er) levels today? I don’t even consider myself one, but damn, so much hate flowing today…


Voted :+1: I suppose it is pretty hard to actually say what level would be classed as low, IMO I would say level 150 and below but we shall see results in the vote :grin:

Glad there is some good replies here thanks folks :blush: