How many more events?

How many more events remaining in this summerkai season?

pvp breed pvp = 3



I assume we’ll have super sigil chests from breeding event, right?

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Hopefully. Not a guarantee if Runic is there.

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Fight pits

FTFY :smiley:

Think Temple Raid is next up on PvP rotation, after Pits.

I would guess that TR would be the final PvP event, if only because that’s the one that most players actually like, and they want to at least unlock whatever avatar they can. It has potential to generate a bit of additional revenue at the tail end of the season, if people need just a bit more energy to hit team goals and whatnot.

Like, if it was Kingdom Wars or Gauntlet, I see my team #noping the Hell out of that for the week.


Team Gauntlet needs to be called Team Anarchy. The whole place gets antsy before the chat just dies. None of us are fans of it. TR would be an awesome wrap up for the season, honestly.

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If Temple Raid closes the event, we’ll start new seasons with Team Gauntlet most likely.
Wouldn’t it be better the other way? :thinking:


Better for whom?

For the players? Sure. Players would be happier if the next season opened with Temple Raid.

[#beginedit] If the final PvP event is anything other than Temple Raid, vast swaths of players will simply sit it out, and for a multitude of reasons. Lots of folks are done with the season, and PvP participation can go down to team minimums rather than being about getting as many sigils as possible. General dissatisfaction with the game (need I say more on this front?). Being low on PvP resources and wanting to save for the next season. Simply being tired. Temple Raid is the only PvP event, I think, that would get people to re-engage in the game - because those portraits are only available once every 10 months or so (TR is every 4th PvP, therefore happens once every 2 months, and each TR has only one of the portraits available). [#endedit]

For PG? Nope. Ending with Temple Raid and possibly getting increased revenue just because it’s Temple Raid, then opening with any of the other PvP events - which people are going to participate in because it’s the beginning of the season and they are opening stockpiles - makes more business sense.


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