How many points do you lose with Super Attacks & Mega Coins?

Sorry in advance because I’m sure somewhere there is a post about this but I’m having no luck finding it…And have always wanted to know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok so with a super you basically lose 4 energy each super attack. 4x the points for 5x the energy… So 120 points lost per super attack

Now with Megas this is me taking a shot off the top
Of the head :grimacing: And I can’t say Math is a strength :grin:

If the base is 120 points on a mega attack for 100 energy and 20 inner fire you get 3,600 points.
With regular attacks 100 energy would be 25 attacks, 20 of those with one inner fire (20 inner fire) and 5 regular attacks (no inner fire) 5,400 points

Regular attacks 100 energy 20 inner fire = 5,400 points

Super attacks 100 energy 20 inner fire = 4,400 points plus But you have an extra 5 inner fire remaining (600 points of Inner Fires) Basically 5,000 points

Mega attack 3,600 points

So lose around 800 points compared to Supers & 1,800 points compared to regular attacks…That’s pretty big considering only 100 energy.

All of it is based off a base giving 120 points Is this correct?

The problem with above calculations is you can still use inner fire with the mega attack.

But the premise is correct, you lose out by going super/mega

The second thing is your mega attack hits the same high paying base 20x
Where your normal attacks cannot

Eg if I was to do 10 mega attacks, 1 against the highest ranked base of 10 different teams

thats 125points x mega attack

IF you did normal attacks, you can only do 1 attack against the highest ranked base, thereafter you get less points.


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Also if you have bases you can’t get for whatever reason, mega guarantees 50% even at 1%, where as normal attacks are scaled by the percentage of the base destroyed when below victory (70%)

Ignoring the fact that Mega also needs inner fire

BASE = base points (Assuming 70%+)
IF = number of inner fires (max 5)

Based on 100 energy used:

Standard = BASE*(IF+1)*25
Super    = BASE*(IF+4)*5
Mega     = BASE*(IF+30)*1

So Zero IF:

Standard = BASE*25  -  0 IF consumed
Super    = BASE*20  -  0 IF consumed
Mega.    = BASE*30  - 20 IF consumed

So if you assume 3 IF:

Standard = BASE*100  - 75 IF consumed
Super    = BASE*35   - 15 IF consumed
Mega.    = BASE*33   - 23 IF consumed

So if you assume 5 IF:

Standard = BASE*150 - 125 IF consumed
Super    = BASE*45  -  25 IF consumed
Mega.    = BASE*35  -  25 IF consumed

Of corse none of this factors in time. And remember the Mega coin cost in IF and energy is done within 20 IF and 100 energy, which can be done with Rubys or by having the coin item.

Feel free to call out any errors. I have a spreadsheet somewhere that calls out cost per energy and cost per IF and cost per time, and estimated cost per Rubys at standard rates


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