How many rubies do I need to finish the branch? 🤔

I wanna finish the howie. How many rubies should it take when opening sigil chests? Many thanks :hugs:

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One metric f*** ton.


It’s around 1.15k sigils for 5k rubies so around 75k rubies for 17250 sigils


I don’t remember, but if it is similar to base boost prizes, at least 20k sigils, so about 100k rubies?

I prefer to count on an average of 1k sigils per 5k rubies, then if you end up spending less than that you feel better. I suppose you won’t rest for two events either so you should easily get at least 5k sigils minimum with two weeks left, right?

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Doubt I’d get 5k since pvps aren’t as fun. :sweat_smile:

Without counting the sigils you will get from the last two events, the rest of the prizes requires more or less 17000 (825 x 21 = 17325). So if we assume you get 1100 sigils for 5000 rubies from the 10 super sigil chest, you need to open around 155 super sigil chests.

155 super sigil chest = 15 x 5000 = 75.000 plus the other 5 (5 x 800 = 4.000) so it’s better to open 10 more with another 5k which eventually makes 80.000 rubies

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Thanks for the breakdown ya’ll! I get it now that finishing the line with sigil chests is the best thing to do since I use rubies only for timer missions.

Currently, my hourly missions yield 372 minutes at a cost of 47 rubies.

The prizes contain 900 of the 12 hour timers. To grind out that time via missions would cost about 82k rubies. So I would be better off even with just timer prizes. :heart_eyes:

I’m so happy!!! Many many thanks!!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: