How many rubies for Apophet? 🤓

Hi Ya’ll,

According to Red’s Icicle 1 plan, I need 200k tokens for Apophet. Assuming that I will be getting there with rubies and redeeming gold chests during the breed season, roughly estimating, how many rubies would it take to get 200k tokens? :nerd_face:

I couldn’t find a worksheet to help me get a rough estimate. Thanks ahead of time for the help. :corn::corn::corn:

On a great day you will get between 25-35k breeding tokens for $100 in my experience.

Thanks Coach, how many rubies and gold chests come for the $100?

I noticed that when I buy the 99.99 pack I get about 30k eggs from it. I didn’t use any mystic frags for apophet because he gets me the eggs I need for my builder hut upgrade. I would recommend you make the spend during the breed event and based on how many eggs you have at this moment.

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The pack that is 27,345 rubies and 10 gold chests … you get 30k tokens. So converting to rubies it would be 31,345 rubies … you get 30k tokens. Thanks.

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I think @mechengg had a post here somewhere that said you get more tokens using rubies to speed missions (assuming token boost and elite account I think) than you do from gold chests. Heading into a meeting or I’d search for you.

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I think you should open gold chest whenever it is breeding event if you plan on obtaining tokens.

During Fortification event, the drop table content is increased so chances of getting tokens is a bit lower i think.

You can get the 200k eggs for 75k rubies if you farm tokens

Your more realistic yield will be around 21k egg tokens per $100 pack so you looking at $900 if you just flat out want to buy it (vs around $300 if you willing to grind it out.)



Hmm great topic :wink:i am thinking about how many $ do player need spent, to go from garnet to obsidian

This topic about the cost of Dragons in higher tier (we’re not even talking about the highest tier!) gives me chills! :dizzy_face:

That’s 2,500 of the one hour missions. :flushed:

Edit: Assuming a minimum of 3 minutes per mission … 2500*3/60 = 125 hours of runs. :sob:

Better begin hoarding potions :joy::joy::joy:


Yep :laughing: I tried it once, gave up after what seemed like hours, ready to throw my phone out the window.

At least I did manage to complete 34 runs.



Cut the grinding down into chunks. 2 hours a day, and you can speed up both the first and second mission, dropping the effective token/Ruby ratio from 2.6 to 2.0 but it gets done 3x faster since you are doing multiple missions in the same run most of the time.

Use ember and all the strategies that help to control which missions pop up more often and go for the grind.

For pop up the fist mission again and again its a advantage to have elite account and the other help is to have 100% eggtoken bonus from event or during breeding event its active aswell…

That way you can get for 30 rubies 80 token. For 30000 its 80000 but you need to play really much and use healpotions or over much time.
The ember trick is a help, or doing it will low dragons if you have a lower account because of the fast healing time.
If you have questions about details just ask then. Overall its a real pain, but normally a active player can obtain 200k inside 2 month.

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Store all your towers.
Give away all your rss.
Put all your dragons away except ember and your main drag (mine is necryx)

You should get beat x bases missions or small rss runs :crossed_fingers:

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Wow. I know the Ember trick but never thought of storing all the dragons except two. I wonder if I can store all of them except Ember. :thinking:

Problem with that is u get farm rss missions then u need to bring your main out again. Too many clicks for my liking :joy::joy:

You can definitely have 1!

I always do 1 and then swap him out with the swap function for a dragon I can solo with for RSS missions.

You can also store your towers to so you don’t get destroy certain tower missions

Does sending away all your rss allow you to store your farms and mills? Last time I did a major grinding session (which was my first attempt at it) I couldn’t put my farms and mills in storage :disappointed: