How many runs would I need

For a player to hit 199k points using only supers and wildfire attacks no IF someone said 200 I believe it’s gotta be more

Depends on what you hit. I was doing 3x IF on an earlier island and getting 1K points. Think I’ve gotten like 2K off gustav

More then 200 attacks without having fires. While only hitting Gustav.

roughly 216 runs in total, which is 24 runs per round. which is around (5+9+13+15) * 9 = 378 energy packs assuming you fight 230 point island mostly without using IF.

There is more rounds, your math is off.
Calculator is broken so cant tell you exact value lol.

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Same agrees

Well 200 runs+ the wildfire runs should get to 199k without fires. ±20 runs give or take. 20 megas without extra fire added give also about 199k, but thats 15×20 fires for the coins :laughing:

I figured someone would have the numbers already down so it would help F2P players with numbers they would need to hit 199k

I tried using the forum sheet but its bugged on calculation.

I’d love to know how…

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I used yours and it shows points way off. Used your sheet the pvp planner like i do sometimes. Shows me a super without fire give 7.5k on gustav.


Which version? I just tried it and didn’t get that. I did however find the wildfire equation for the PvE islands messed up and fixed it just now.

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That is 176 attacks. 3200 energy / 20 energy per super = 160 supers. You get 16 wildfires. So 176 attacks total for 211k points. Assuming you only hit Gustav nothing else.


But that’s only if one player hits that island that not possible on a team

Why only 1 player. U have to make 20 runs plus wildfire every 12 Hours. Gustav Must be hit More than that.
And gustav is more than 1 time Up in 12 Hours.

You can’t model an exact set of attacks…easily. That is the bare minimum to get that prize. Add in attacks on pvp will increase the score, as in attacks on other islands will make more attacks for a little less points. However, the calculator is meant to give you an idea not be totally exact.

I doubt you know you are going to do exactly 83% of your attacks on PvE and 17% on pvp with each PvE being supers and pvp being megas. Then PvE with 71% on Gustav, 11% on vampire, etc. I mean you could put those numbers into the calculator but why?


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